This photo combination shows (from left) the flight of stairs, the ‘hero’ cat and the cat monitoring the baby.

WE'VE seen dogs save humans, but it's not very common to see cats do the same for their fellow owners

This recent incident may change your outlook on the feline species.

At around 5am on Oct 31, Facebook user DLore Álvarez‎ posted CCTV footage of a baby escaping its cot and crawling across a living room towards a flight of stairs.

According to Álvarez‎, the baby could have tumbled down the stone staircase, causing serious injuries – had it not been for a certain furry hero.

While watching the child head towards the staircase, a quick-thinking family cat immediately leapt off a nearby sofa and used its paws to block the baby from crawling further.

This videograb shows (left) the child crawling towards the flight of stairs and (right) the cat pushing the child away from reaching the stairs.

The video captured the cat pushing the baby away making the child retreat from the area and crawl elsewhere.

The cat's owners have since hailed their pet for being a hero, after watching the footage to find out how their child escaped

Álvarez posted images and a video of the incident on a pet adoption Facebook page, which has since received over 24,000 shares.

"I present to you the hero of the week," she wrote.

It is unclear if the cat just wanted to play with the baby or genuinely rescue it, but we're sure the family is extremely grateful for its beloved furry member.

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