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A videograb shows the teacher (right) kicking the one of the students.


VIRAL video of a teacher unleashing severe physical abuse on two of his students recently has ruffled netizens worldwide.

The incident, which was captured by a closed circuit television (CCTV) camera, occurred on April 13 at the Xuanwei No.9 Middle School in Yunnan province, China.

According to, the two assaulted boys had been caught talking and eating during their study period. As punishment, they were initially made to stand at the front of the class and read aloud from their textbooks – before being summoned to the furious teacher’s side.

The 38-second footage shows the boys walking timidly towards the teacher, who almost immediately begins to slap one of the pupils across the face. He then grabs the boy’s hair and pulls it hard, to the point that he is bent over. After releasing his grip on the student’s locks, he shoves him backwards towards the wall and lands a heavy kick on his torso.

The second boy, who is wearing a red cardigan, endures much worse. After the first student is cast aside, the second boy is subjected to ferocious kicks aimed at his waist. He is literally progressively booted towards the opposite side of the room.

Seemingly possessed, the teacher even includes a flying Kung Fu kick during the assault. Although the boy struggles to remain standing throughout the offensive, the fourth kick floors him, and he ends up sprawled in a corner.

The video shows a portion of the first five rows of desks in the classroom – and as the assault unfolds, none of the boys’ classmates moves a muscle, stunned and petrified, no doubt, by the display of violence. Several of the kids are seen resting their foreheads on their hands.

But the school’s administrators were not cowed by the incident, reported. Upon learning of the abuse, school officials commanded the teacher to convey the two boys to hospital for medical examinations; and to contact and apologise to their respective parents.

On Monday (April 22), the abusive teacher was officially suspended as an investigation into the incident was launched.

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