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Perak Hockey Association (PHA) president Datuk Dr Azhar Ahmad (right) presenting souvenirs to state hockey players during a function in Ipoh. - NSTP/L. MANIMARAN

IPOH: The Perak HA (PHA) have urged the Malaysian Hockey Confederation (MHC) to increase the prize money for the Razak Cup in line with its status of being the most prestigious tournament in the country.

PHA president Datuk Dr Azhar Ahmad said Perak have won the title for the last two years but the prize money of RM10,000 is deemed not worthwhile.

He suggested that the prize money be increased to at least RM50,000.

"Our expenses in preparing the team this year alone amounts to RM56,000, though the prize money is only RM10,000," said Dr Azhar.

"The tournament is named after the second Prime Minister and RM10,000 does not seem suitable. It does not help raise the sport (profile)."

To increase the prize money, Dr Azhar suggested that MHC asks for contributions from all Menteris Besar and Chief Ministers.

"If MHC write letters to all the state leaders and ask for a contribution of at least RM10,000, I am confident many will, including Johor, Perak and Kelantan," added Dr Azhar.

Dr Azhar was speaking at a function hosted by PHA.

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