Selangor’s prolific 34-year-old Spanish forward Rufino Segovia Del Burgo (center) has proven to be one of the better foreign imports in the Malaysia League (M-League).

KUALA LUMPUR: The actions of a couple of Malaysia League (M-League) teams in signing up ‘cheaper’ or more affordable foreign imports is seen as a move that just serves to trap themselves.

Former FA of Malaysia (FAM) disciplinary committee chairman, Kamarudin Abdullah explained that such actions by certain teams has led them having to deal with below par performances which affects the teams’ performance and results on the pitch.

Therefore, he said that such a situation will definitely bring about added problems especially in having to change foreign imports in such a short span of time which will increase their expenditure even more.

“There are teams who discard their foreign imports early on in the season, so where did they go wrong and before offering such players contracts, did the coaches really take a good look at the players to ascertain if they are quality players or not?

“What we are seeing is after about three to four matches itself and teams are already changing their foreign imports. So I am in agreement on teams potentially facing financial problems, because when such things happen the initial budget that was planned will not be enough.

“If such a thing happens to a team that has a sizeable budget then perhaps there won’t be any problems, but sadly the problematic ones are the ones on a small budget.

“Changing foreign imports does involve quite a fair bit of money because teams will have to pay compensation to the players that have been dropped and spend more on new foreign imports,” he told NST Sport.

Earlier it was reported that the buying power of M-League teams in signing up foreign imports was on the decline after a majority of competing teams prefer to settle for ‘cheap, foreign imports’ who are labelled Grace C and D.

Apart from this, Kamarudin who is also a former national player, said that teams only have themselves to blame for such mistakes in signing up the wrong foreign imports.

“Based on my own experience, if after three or four matches, we still can’t really gauge just how good they really are because its just too early on, as sometimes, some players take longer to warm up and be able to perform.

“And the team also has to be well balanced between the players and the fans, because at times fans demand that certain players be dropped, and this I feel is really unfair.

“It’s not just unfair to the players, but the entire team. This is because the ones responsible for the teams are the coaches, not the fans,” Kamarudin pointed out.

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