A BEAUTIFUL garden can be a wonderful addition to your home. It can be a crafted place of beauty lined by vibrant flowers.

But, like most good things in life it will require some work.

There are several types of garden styles and layouts you could consider to make your outdoor space lively. Here are three ideas:

Flower Garden

A flower garden offers the chance to create a bright, vibrant display in your outdoor space. It is best to have a combination of annual flowers and perennials.

Annual flowers have a year-long lifecycle that see them blossom. Some favourite annuals are petunias, marigolds, begonia, celosia, chrysanthemum and dahlias. Celosia come in a variety of shapes like brains, fans, and plumes and a range of colours, namely pink, red, orange, and yellow.

Plus, they grow fast and are incredibly easy to care for. Dahlias are stunning flowers and they will make your garden beds look lush. They’re incredibly easy to grow and with proper care, you can dig up and reuse the tubers year after year. Annual plants in general, they can live for over two years.

Before they start to wither, you can replace them with a new range. This way your flower garden will always be bright with colourful flowers.

Perennial plants are leafier flowering plants that do not have to be replanted each year. These plants have structures, such as bulbs and rhizomes, that allow them to survive for many years.

Among the popular perennial plants are aster that come in a variety of hues, adding just the right pop of colour to your garden, hydrangea, which is a colourful perennial shrub that will grow back fuller and larger each year, and shasta daisy. It’s important that you select the right mix of colours and plant types when planning your flower garden. That way you get a bed of vibrant flowers all year around.

Rock Garden

Rock garden designs can range from sprawling, naturalistic creations to rustic mounds of stones, soil, and plants. The choice depends on what you prefer, the available stones or rocks you can get a hold off, and how much space there is in the garden.

If you have a small area, the best design is a simple, round raised bed made of certain rocks. This can fit neatly into any nook or corner.

A well-designed rock garden incorporates elements of the natural area around it. What you require are rocks, stones, sandy soil, which provides good drainage, and foliage. Select plants with good colour scheme that will work well with your stones/rocks, or succulents. Also choose plants that thrive in well-drained soil. Clear the area or grass where you want to plant. Lay out a circle of rocks as the perimeter of your base, fill the area inside with sandy soil, and start planting.

Once you are done planting, add stones all around, forming a circle within a circle.

Alternatively, you can also get a range of leafy non-flowering plants, and sculptures with big rocks to add to the corner. This may cost slightly more, but would require very little maintenance.

Water Garden

A water garden is costlier to build than rock garden or flower garden, but it is more attractive as the water features provides a soothing sound.

Water can be calming, providing a gentle reflection of the world around it, adding quality to the landscape.

Similar to a rock garden, find a nook or corner to build your water garden. The challenge is designing the right system to create a continuous flow of soothing water.

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