(File pix) Calendula is attractive and has medicinal qualities.

IT’S a new year and what better way to put all the stress and past behind than by adding colour and glamour to your garden.

You want to be mindful when shopping for new plants. Pay attention to their size. Study your garden and determine how many plants it can afford to take. You don’t want too few plants as it will leave a lot of empty space or too many as they will crowd the garden.

With proper planning, there is a plethora of beautiful fall-blooming perennial and annual flowers that you can grow from their seeds. However,

you may want to look at the convenience of buying plants at a nursery to save time on planting and taking care of them in their early days or weeks.

Perennials win hands down in most houses.

They come in a potpourri of bloom times, sizes, leaf textures, and flower colours, so there’s a perennial to please every gardener. They are affordable floral luxury that can be grown in any garden, from the tiniest side yard to the longest border.

Choose plants that encourage beneficial organisms to help keep pest problems to a minimum. Planting to provide nectar, pollen or water can keep beneficial insects happy. And you may want plants that will attract birds and butterflies to roost in the yard.


Asters produce pretty daisy-like flowers in a range of colours. In order to avoid diseases, don’t plant annual asters in the same place year after year. Preferably plant them in either full sun or partial shade in moist, well-drained soil.


Cosmos are very pretty flowers. They are drought-tolerant and, depending on the variety, will grow one to three feet tall. They prefer full sun.


Calendula is not only attractive but also has medicinal qualities. The plant can grow up to four inches across and comes in a variety of shades. This easy-to-grow plant helps deter some garden pests. Although calendulas prefer full sun, they can tolerate partial shades.


Petunias are a well-liked flower. Their trumpet shaped and colourful blooms can last quite a while but too much water will kill them. They prefer full sun but can tolerate partial shades.

Meanwhile, get a small rack, too, for holding tools. This will help you be more organised and you will spend less time finding your tools.

If you don’t have enough space for a rack, get a small table and put on top what are necessary for your garden — from spades to gloves.

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