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GOOD office furniture should be well-designed and functional and help promote workers’ productivity and enthusiasm.

Japanese office furniture company Kokuyo designs furniture units with users in mind — using furniture as an art of design to provide employees with the requirements to think, ideate and perform better.

Its office furniture resembles home furniture. With fluidity and flexibility as a theme for its customisable furniture, users can create and recreate spaces with ease.

According to the Worksight Lab, a research institution within the Kokuyo group, one of the key trends in workspaces is the activity-based work-style (ABW). ABW gives employees the freedom of choice of where, when and how they work. It empowers employees to work at their own pace, delivering results in an environment they thrive in.

Whether one needs a solo working space to ideate, a pop-up meeting space for discussions with colleagues, or a community setting for casual conversations, Kokuyo has gleaned insights from trends globally and created signature office furniture to support these.

You can even use some of Kokuyo office chairs for your home where you can have your own private corner and quiet time. Kokuyo’s best sellers include:


Interval is a seat table ensemble to support a person who choose to have an enclosed, semiprivate relaxing space to focus on their work.

It supports ABW in varies selected environment. An ideal furniture away from the noisy and busy environment.


Inframe stands from the roots of Japanese workmanship and its design is ideal for the use of a meeting cubicle. Inframe consists of meeting booths designed for employees who require private discussion in a comfortable, semi-closure environment. It is easy to install and relocate. With the use of soft partition, it looks exclusive and stylist.


Casual looking furniture made from wood and metal, ranging from casual stacking chairs, high stools, sofas for the lounge areas — promoting community within the office. Its casual look reminds you of a cafe or the comfort in your home.


It supports the body as it allows one to move freely, with a gliding mechanism, allowing users to move their body freely while sitting. This improves body circulation and work performance.


The Collesso sofa system is designed to fit into the environment. The sofa offers different and varies configurations that support different level of collaboration, where employees can use it without interfering each other’s activity and discussion.

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