(File pix) Lush greenery with tall trees provide a cooling effect.

HOME owners looking for landscape ideas for their garden can take a look at the 208ha Eco Forest enclave by Eco World Development Group Bhd in Semenyih, Selangor.

Dubbed as the “Canopy of Artistry”, Eco Forest is a green wonderland anchored by a central park and soothing lakes.

Its emblem comprises the image of three tree trunks spreading upwards and the intercrossing lines, which symbolise the canopy of forests, and the bottom part of the logo is the land or hills, which is one of its synonymous identity to the natural surroundings.

Upon entering the project one will notice the township’s concept which is inspired by four layers of forest — the under story which is the floor, second story which comprises shrubs, the third story being the canopy layer and the top story being the emerging layer (trees with different heights).

At the main entrance where the security post is stationed, there is a tree trunk-inspired latticed entryway — this entire structure is purposely designed in a way that it portrays the trees and its canopy with the sunlight casting shadow on the floor, producing a scenic effect.

Up next after you pass through, you will be greeted by rows of arching bamboos which represent sentinels or guards and will provide shade to the adjacent roads when they have grown thicker and bigger. The bamboos are easy to grow.

At Eco Forest’s Central Park, there is a signature gazebo which takes the shape of a woven tent. It reflects the architectural language of the houses that are built in the township.

The artificial steel Chirpy tree with 100 goldfinches nearby is erected mainly to represent the community of Eco Forest. The main trees surrounding the park are Pulai and other hardy types — some of the shrubs are Ruellia (with purple flowers like morning glory) which are suitable for the hot climate.

Another structure worth mentioning is the Forest Dragon (monitor lizard) which was built from fibreglass and in a geometric shape which acts as the ‘guardian’ of the park. You may not want to have that in your garden but it’s an idea you can have for other structures that you prefer.

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