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(File pix) An abandoned housing project in Kota Baru, Kelantan. Housing projects should be planned in a good location where public amenities are nearby. This will encourage housebuyers. Pix by Mohamed Sahidi Yusof

HOUSING is the largest investment of households. The monthly instalment for housing is usually the biggest monthly expenditure for the breadwinner.

The Selangor government’s target of RM220,000 for affordable housing is the right direction for many low-income families.

Land is the most expensive component of any housing projects, so when the land is available at a low price, coupled with tax exemptions, affordable housing can be built for the people.

Train, rail and commuter services are reaching many outskirts of the Klang Valley and if feeder facilities are efficient, affordable housing projects can be built outwards.

When affordable housing projects are planned, the authorities must coordinate to have basic facilities like public clinics, preschools, primary schools and markets in the vicinity. This will encourage people to stay in these areas.

There are many state-owned lands which can be made available for building affordable housing.

The government must make the land available at good prices to developers of affordable houses. Poor occupancy will cause inconveniences like insufficient security measures. It will also lead to a lack of facilities.

I am victim of an abandoned housing project and a poor occupancy project.

To discourage poor occupancy, the government should look into non-occupancy tax for housing units not occupied after a certain period of time.

The tax can discourage speculation. Many people buy units for speculation and when they cannot sell them, the houses are abandoned.

Affordable housing is important as we will be an ageing nation so on. Old people who own houses will be able to live better than those who have to pay rental every month.

We hope that the government will go all out to resolve the problem of affordable housing to ease the people’s burden.


Subang Jaya, Selangor

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