Let’s aspire to be a nation of problem solvers, of high-integrity go getters and of champions. - NSTP

THIS newspaper’s odyssey in regaining our prestige requires navigating the online onslaught and fishing out gems for the full treatment, presentations that are fit for the ultra modern Print.

Given that, in the preceding hours, everyone has had a lavish spread of Blurbs to nourish their imagination.

Giving readers a powerful reason to pick up the newspaper essentially means overhauling our thought process and putting in so much more work than we had ever been accustomed to.

Swimming in waters we never thought existed, journalists have been aided in 2019 by a generous offering of top-quality news.

While journalism is not being cross-examined by others, journalists have been peering into new, elevating spaces. Yet another rare regal episode, a heriditary transition from-father-to-son in Pahang is the latest to capture the national consciousness.

Malaysian journalism is justifiably tampered by Adab (manners). The Page One story of polite Daulat Tuanku ushering in a new Ruler showcased the full repertoire of emotions. Space growing out of a heart-rending episode, of a vibrant monarch now gravely ill. The cast of Royalty gathered in the inner sanctum of the Pahang Monarchy to proclaim a transition, charmingly amplifies unity.

In fact ever since journalism first discerned word that another Ruler would make way for the rotational system of Yang Di-Pertuan Agong, there have been no hints of conflicts or contrarian views.

Ultimately, journalism is not at all suggesting that politics, often loud and at times rancarous, should take heed and change. Such pronouncements are often hollow, devoid of facts and empathy.

Body politics is sprawling tents of ideologies and ambitions, also of prejudices and sentiments. It will be heard and filled with pronouncements. Journalism will readily acknowledge its own imperfections and the attendant need to pursue editorial reforms. Undeniably, the conduct of the Royal Institution, too, has been under scrutiny but nuances perfected in the new year have elicited admiration.

Self-analysis and self-correction should always be preferred in the same manner journalism should not mourn its growing inability to shape opinions.

Politics on its part suffered a major credibility deficit when Umno which had dominated local politics since the Malayan Union saga, lost the ability to self-correct in the run-up to the May 2018 general election. As a consequence the party is, at this instant, embarking on a journey of remedy and change. This space shall offer an additional thought.

Change in any sector should best be pursued from within. Naturally no segment will be able to keep out the recommendations and recriminations. Full disclosures will always work. Body politics suffers from this perrennial impediment, the question of funds and allocations.

Watchers find this upsetting, especially when there is every indication this very impediment was seen to be the impetus for some to dip into politics, previously. It is not nonsensical to expect politics to precisely tell us how much money they need to mobilise operations and where they source the funds from.

Perhaps with appropriate information, the rest of us would be able to proffer some ideas. Never underestimate the sheer power of the collective mind. Just this week we were pleasantly surprised to hear of a 10-year-old boy inventing the Anti-Bully Notification System to battle bullying.

Let’s aspire to be a nation of problem solvers, of high-integrity go getters and of champions. A nation that seeks to be better. A nation that agrees cheerfully that no problem is terribly intractable. We have done not too badly so far this year.

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