Former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak. Pic by NSTP/KHAIRULL AZRY BIDIN

KUALA LUMPUR: A Malay hip-hop music video with a special appearance by former prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, who is being tried for criminal breach of trust and money-laundering, will be released tomorrow (May 26).

A 44-second long teaser for the track entitled ‘BBB’, short for ‘Bukan Biashe Biashe’ - an urban Malay slang for ‘not the usual’ in English, was published on a Facebook account belonging to self-made entrepreneur Mohd Nor Kharoni Kamisan early today.

“Counting (the) days. Official launch 26/05/2019. MV BBB – ADK feat Rash,” Mohd Nor Kharoni, fondly known as Ron among the Bumiputera business community, said in the caption, which accompanied the clip.

In the teaser for the music video by ADK featuring Rash, Najib was seen riding a white Toyota Vellfire escorted by police outriders.

The vehicle later stopped in front of four men, who were seen engaged in a discussion, at ‘Lepaking’ food court in Jalan Gombak here, which is owned by Ron.

The door of the vehicle later opened before Najib showed a thumbs-up towards the four friends who are Ron, members of ADK and Rash.

The clip later showed Ron standing up reciprocating with a thumbs-up before ADK and Rash started rapping to the track.

"Ayuh maju kehadapan, ini bukan pengakhiran, dengan ini kutitipkan, doa untuk kejayaan (Let's move forward, this is not the end, and with this I present, a prayer for success)," said the lyrics to the song accompanied by the catchphrase ‘Malu apa bossku’, which is loosely translated to as - nothing to be ashamed about, my boss.

Previously known as Viral, ADK is Malay hip-hop group made up of Ahmad Amzar Ahmad Sabri and his twin brother Ahmad Amsyar, 23, who gained popularity through Instagram.

Najib first teased a future collaboration with Ron on his Instagram account three months ago.

Ron on May 14 posted a short clip showing Najib recording a video using his smartphone of one of the members of ADK and Rash performing the opening verse of the track.

Also seen in the clip was Petaling Jaya Umno division chief Datuk Mutalif Rahim.

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