(File pic) The witness, described the scene of the corpse of an 11-year-old girl who met in tragic conditions in Tanjung Medang Hilir, Pekan. (NSTP/ MUHD ASYRAF SAWAL)

KUALA LUMPUR: The Malaysian Crime Prevention Foundation (MCPF) described the case of a missing 11-year-old girl who was found dead with hands and feet tied and some of her internal organs removed as a heinous crime.

Its senior vice-chairman Tan Sri Lee Lam Thye said judging from the details, as reported by the media, there was no doubt that the act was a cruel.

“It is a crime which goes beyond limits that one would imagine. (And) what is sad is it was a heinous crime against a defenseless 11- year-old child.

“In my opinion, the perpetrator must be someone who is ‘sick’ or mentally unsound. No one in his right mind would have committed such a heinous crime.

“Caring Malaysians will certainly feel angry and upset,” he told New Straits Times today.

Yesterday, the remains of Siti Masyitah Ibrahim, who had been missing since Jan 30, were found in an oil palm plantation at Kampung Tanjung Medang Hilir, Pekan, in a shocking condition as she had been decapitated and some of her internal organs were removed.

Lee said the authorities must leave no stone unturned in investigating the case.

“Let the authorities do in-depth investigation to find out who were the culprits.”

He also called on members of the public who had knowledge of the incident to furnish information to the authorities.

Lee said the case should be an eye-opener for the public to never take the safety of children for granted.

“With no intention to blame the parents, let this serve as a lesson. Parents must never take the safety of their children for granted.

“When a child wants to go out and buy something, parents should not encourage it. They are underage, hence parents must stay vigilant and keep a close watch on their children,” he said, offering his condolences to Siti Masyitah’s family.

On the incident, Siti Masyitah’s mother, Zaleha Abdullah, 35, said at 5pm on Jan 30, her daughter had asked her for RM1 so that she could purchase something at a shop, and promise to return home as soon as possible.

However, after few hours, the third of four siblings did not return home.

Zaleha then lodged a police report at the Pekan police station, on the same day.

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