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85pc of Netizens in NST polls say PH is better off without Umno leaders who quit the party. (NSTP Archive)

KUALA LUMPUR: THE majority of the 20,000 Netizens polled were against the idea of Pakatan Harapan taking in Umno leaders.

The poll by the New Straits Times showed that 85 per cent thought that PH was better off without Umno leaders who recently quit their party.

Fifteen per cent had no issues with the coalition accepting them.

Those who opposed the move said taking the leaders in would not be in line with the wishes of the majority of voters, and that the move would only encourage party-hopping.

They were of the opinion that Umno leaders would have a negative influence on PH, if they were accepted into the coalition.

Respondent Hee Wei Han said voting Umno out in the 14th General Election would be “meaningless” if PH allowed them to become part of the government.

Gunaseelan Manan, meanwhile, felt that Umno leaders should stay put to serve their purpose, saying: “If this is allowed to happen, there will not be a proper and strong opposition to keep the government in check. If any leader can jump ship like this, it makes voters like you and me look like fools”.

Martyn Long agreed, adding that the move would lead to a government with “power monopoly”.

“Democracy works only with a strong opposition. We cannot trust fully that PH would be entirely benevolent. Just look at what decades of power by Barisan Nasional, with little to no opposition, have done to Malaysia.”

Ule Zamir urged the government not to accept the leaders immediately to teach them a lesson.

“Let them wander in the wilderness first. Give them time to reflect on who has the real power when it comes to democracy. Answer: the people.”

ImpianVillaChalet described Umno leaders, who planned to jump ship, as insincere in their political struggle.

“They’ve been voted in to lead their party. Why do they want to betray people who had picked them? If they are really sincere, step down from their posts first.”

Another respondent who opposed the move is David Ng Wee Chon, who said admitting the “jumping frogs” in would be the beginning of Umno 3.0.

“The answer is ‘no’ because they are corrupt, and bringing them in would be against the rakyat’s mandate of a clean coalition. Tun M has to be careful not to make this big mistake, otherwise many, including myself, would vote PH out in GE15.”

Phang Shyue Ming concurred with a list of reasons on why Umno leaders should not be accepted into PH.

“These are immoral people without principles, only wanting to avoid jail terms. They are opportunists who only want to join to continue enjoying the benefits of being in the ruling government.

“If they were any good, they should have left at the height of the 1MDB issue and before GE-14. They have betrayed the people who voted for them. They should stay as independents, but pledging alliance to PH.”

Lhdz Ka Mu hoped PH would not accept the Umno leaders.

“We need a strong opposition for checks and balances. We need options if the ruling government does not erform.

“It will be unfair for the rakyat who voted for these leaders, if they leave the party to join another.”

TomLeng said PH must deal with the party-hopping issue.

“If PH is not careful, it will only be a five-year term party.

“...The people are tired of corruption, abuse, complacency, injustice and nepotism associated with political parties. And they will vote accordingly in the next election.”

Some respondents were blunt in their comments.

John Roland Tutton posted: “Taking in those trash is akin to being backstabbed!”

Ong Leong Sooi said: “A frog will keep jumping for survival, unless you cripple it.”

Gan Thevar said: “Accept the good frogs, but no post for them for x years.”

However, respondents who supported the move, felt that it would strengthen the coalition and unite the people who had been divided by different political ideologies.

Siang said: “Yes, it’s okay. All in the name of unity. Let’s unite and grow our country. It’s an acid test I’d be willing to take if that’s what is needed to unite us all.”

Another supporter of the move, Kakai, said: “Yeah, let’s hope and pray for a better Malaysia!”

Some respondents, however, were sarcastic in their comments.

Abdullah Rosid posted: “I want PH to eat their own words. They slammed Pas when the party wanted to work with Umno. But now they’re the ones using Umno for their own good. Umno only wants to be a friend of Pas, never a life partner.”

Nazhri Zain said: “You think that old man is going to listen to any of you guys? #rinduzamantun konon. You got what you voted for. Deal with it.”

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