Nabila Ashikin Al Shufian, 16, shows the injuries suffered by her brother who was attacked by bullies at his school in SMK Tanjung Pauh. Pix by SHARUL HAFIZ ZAM.

ALOR STAR: A case of mistaken identity landed a 13-year-old boy in hospital with a broken spine.

The incident occurred about 3.30pm on Monday during recess at SMK Tanjung Pauh in Jitra.

Mohd Danish Danial Al Sufian said the incident occurred near the school computer room when he was walking to his classroom during the school’s afternoon session.

He said a group of Form One students from another class stopped him before one of them started attacking him.

“The boy accused me of telling a teacher that he had cut his hair in a style that is against the school regulation, three months ago.

“The boy faced disciplinary action for the haircut and suspected me as being the one who told the teacher,” he said when met at the Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital (HSB) here yesterday.

He said although he denied the accusation, the boy started pushing and punching him. When he tried to fend off the attack, he fell to the ground and banged the corner of a metal shoe rack outside the computer room.

Danish Danial said the boy then kicked him in the stomach before the group ran away when a teacher shouted at them.

Due to the incident, he experienced pain at his back and was having difficulty breathing.

He was rushed to the Jitra Hospital by his uncle, before being transferred to the HSB emergency ward at 10pm on Monday and then to a normal ward at 3am today.

Kubang Pasu district police chief Superintendant Abdul Hadi Hassan said police have picked up two 13-year-old boys for questioning recarding the incident this afternoon under Section 325 of the Penal Code.

He added the boys were later released on police bail this evening.

Hadi said based on investigation the victim only sustained injury to his spine and reported to be in stable condition.

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