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Manfred Weber (second from right) handing the supplies over to the Malaysian Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association team.

KUALA LUMPUR: With deep concern for the welfare of those devastated by the floods in Pahang, Terengganu and Kelantan, the Shangri-La Hotel, Kuala Lumpur has put together a collection of items to send to the victims.

These include two lorry-load of bed sheets, towels and duvet covers, bathrobes, soaps, toothbrushes, 200 pairs of school shoes, school bags, books, toys, used clothing, shampoo and hair conditioner.

Shangri-La hotel general manager Manfred Weber handed these items over to Malaysian Volunteer Fire and Rescue Association (MVFRA) founder and chairman K. Balasupramaniam.

Hotel employees helped to load the items onto the MVFRA truck.

The truck will deliver the items to flood relief centres in Pahang and Terengganu.

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