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The outlet is spacious and inviting. Pic by Mohamad Shahril Badri Saali

KUALA LUMPUR: AFTER enjoying success in Singapore and Indonesia, Modern Asian Diners or MAD has spread its wings to Malaysia. Hailing from a family of restaurant owners, MAD founder chef Dave Looi says it is all about bringing together the best local ingredients and dishing up authentic street food and serving it in a comfortable environment at an affordable price.

The brainchild of Dave himself, MAD’s interior is a mix of modern and urban chic which is a perfect place for hanging out. While combining a rustic flavour and taste with modern preparation, the restaurant offers dishes that are extraordinary.

Its menu consists of dishes derived from cuisine from around the world selected to suit the taste buds of Malaysian customers.

MAD offers an array of Asian favourites and western delights.

All the dishes are created using fresh ingredients while retaining the originality of Asian flavours.

“The herbs and spices are imported and shipped fresh from China. As for seafood, I make sure it is fresh by getting a weekly supply.

“I have imported 32 different kinds of herbs from China and I personally prepare all the cooking oils using these herbs,” said Dave.

Unlike many classic Asian restaurants and hawker stalls which prepare food in large amounts, MAD’s specialty lies in the preparation of its cuisine.

Each dish is cooked pot by pot to ensure quality and originality of the food.

The restaurant has different food stations for different individuals specialising in different tasks.

As for beverages, drinks are prepared and presented coffee shop style.

During a food tasting session, the press was given the opportunity to taste some of the restaurant’s signature dishes and chef’s recommendations.

One of the dishes that is highly recommended is the mushroom cappuccino, a cream of mushroom soup created using four types of mushroom and served cappuccino style.

It is priced at RM9.50 per serving.

One of my favourites and a must try is the Kelantan-style lamb shank rendang.

This dish is braised in a skillet to perfection and served with roast garlic, mash potatoes and grilled seasonal vegetables.

Lamb rendang is a dish that we hardly come across.

Often this dish is made from either chicken or beef.

The meat is tender, juicy
and sweet as it is pre-cooked in spices for three hours before being placed in the oven for another three hours.

The chef said that the long hours was to ensure the tendons were really soft and can be cut easily.

It is priced at RM28.50.

Those who have a good appetite and want something unique should go for the restaurant’s signature dish chee cheong fun (rice noodle roll) served in peanut butter sauce.

The peanut butter sauce is a mixture of peanuts that are soaked, mashed and mixed with butter, salt and sesame paste.

It is priced at RM9.50.

The outlet is at G-13, PV128, Jalan Genting Klang. It is open from 11am to 11pm.

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