JAKARTA: Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin today took time off from his busy schedule here for a dialogue with editors of the local media.

Among the topics discussed were fair and balanced reporting of maritime and boundary issues such as the bombing of trawlers and arrest of fishermen who encroached into Indonesian waters.

Muhyiddin said the Malaysian enforcement would focus on "shooing" the fishermen away if they encroached into Malaysian waters, and not shoot.

He also called on the media to do news reports on leading Malaysian companies here and in other countries who could help Indonesia in aspects such as technology and skills.

"We have the skills and expertise that could help the Indonesians, but these are hardly reported or given prominence.

"The local media here should convince Indonesians that Malaysia is capable and has the experience and knowledge.

"This will give a chance to Malaysians to take part in the mega projects in Indonesia."

Muhyiddin also reminded editors to concentrate reporting on the bigger picture and not petty details such as who stole whose culture or whether a certain kind of food is Malaysian or Indonesian.

"You should work on promoting a lingua franca - the Bahasa Melayu-Indonesia - for Malaysia and Indonesia to communicate better."

The dialogue was organised by the Malaysia-Indonesia Journalists Friendship Alliance (ISWAMI) from both countries.

The Iswami Indonesia 14 member delegation was led by its president Saiful Hadi, while the Iswami Malaysia group (also 14) was led by its head Datuk Zulkefli Salleh who is also Bernama's general manager.

Also present were Malaysian media bosses including Media Prima Bhd group managing director Datuk Seri Amrin Awaluddin, MPB Television Networks News and Current Affairs deputy group managing editor Datuk Manja Ismail, New Straits Times chief executive officer Datuk Mohamad Azlan Abdullah, NST group managing editor Datuk Abdul Jalil Hamid, Berita Harian group editor Datuk Mahfar Ali, and Harian Metro group editor Datuk Mustapha Omar.