At Eddy’s Ice Cream in Harajuku, Tokyo, customers choose the cone, flavour and accessories. Bilqis Bahari walks out happy and contented

HARAJUKU is known as one of the best and famous shopping and food destinations but I do not allow myself to be distracted by all the fashionable clothes, bags and yummy-looking crepes as I walk along Takeshita Street.

I pass by exotic animal cafes with hedgehogs, owls and snakes. My loved ones know how much I love snakes, especially Burmese pythons but I stick to my mission — to go to Eddy’s Ice Cream store!


I learnt about Eddy’s Ice Cream while doing research for my Tokyo trip.

I was browsing Instagram when I saw a picture of a Malaysian blogger at a cute little ice cream shop in Harajuku.

Eddy’s Ice Cream is a specialty store that sells customisable multi-coloured ice cream adorned with accessories. All the ice cream look too cute to be eaten.

The most famous Instagram spot at Eddy’s Ice Cream.

Throughout the eight-hour journey from Kuala Lumpur to Tokyo, I could not stop thinking about how I would like to customise my ice cream.


Eddy’s Ice Cream is 10 minutes’ walk from JR Line’s Harajuku Station.

Just walk down Takeshita Street until you see Murasaki Sports and New Balance shops. Then cross the street.

Go down Meiji-dori Street and turn right at the first Family Mart store you see. From there, turn right again at the first turning and Eddy’s Ice Cream is on your left.

It seems pretty easy to reach the place when looking at Google Map but I end up circling the area many times.

It’s not easy to decide as there are many options.

I show the address to a few Japanese locals and ask if they can help me. They are also not sure but they do help as much as they can.

In the end, I see a police station and go inside to ask for help. The kind policeman explains to me in detail on the turns to take to reach my location.

Perhaps he has helped other tourists who had lost their way to Eddy’s Ice Cream. I thank him and make my way, eager to reach the store quickly as the sky turns grey.

As I reach the store, I realise that I have walked pass the building many times while thinking that I was lost.

Eddy’s Ice Cream is on the ground floor of a mundane greyish-white building so it is highly likely that many people miss it.


The pink and white interior of Eddy’s Ice Cream screams all things kawaii and lives up to the trendy Harajuku spirit.

The cute decor with the neon-lit flamingos and three hot pink phones on the walls make the place very cosy and Instagram-worthy. The store has good lighting.

The kawaii pink and white interior of Eddy’s Ice Cream.

The store concept is straightforward. Customers start off by choosing the cones. The bottom parts of the cones have a variety of colours as the tips are dipped in different coloured dessert sauces.

Then choose the ice cream flavour — vanilla, strawberry or mix of the two — for

¥500 (RM19.50).

Then comes the hardest part: the accessories. The simplest decision is to choose the ready-made design combinations from the menu. All of the combinations have cute names such as American, Unicorn, Lovely, Ms Ribbon and Kiss Me with prices that range from ¥800 to ¥1,400.

The ice cream design is also customisable if the ready-made ones don’t tickle your fancy.

I opt to choose my accessories, though it takes me quite some time to decide on the cute little toppings. There are 13 toppings altogether from unicorn, lips, hearts, stars and palm trees to alphabet.

Vanilla-strawberry flavour with a big heart topping and T-O-K-Y-O letters.

I decide on a big heart and five letters — Tokyo — to celebrate my little victory of finally finding the store. I think of choosing the word Harajuku but it will be a bit too crowded on my mix-flavoured ice cream with white chocolate sauce cone.

All the toppings are edible and though they look sweet, they aren’t.

I walk out of the store wit the ice cream in my hand looking like a very happy child. I walk pass the snake cafe again, contemplating whether I should have gone there instead of Eddy’s Ice Cream.

But "no", I told tell myself. This time, I choose ice cream over snakes and I continue walking down busy Takeshita Street.



1F,4Chrome-26-28 Jingumae,

Shibuya, Tokyo


INSTAGRAM @eddys_ice_cream_

HOURS 11am - 8pm

PAY 800 yen - 1,400 yen based on the menu; 500 yen for ice cream; 100 yen-400 yen per decoration

MOOD Only one word - kawaii

SERVICE Friendly and welcoming

I SAY...A must-visit in Harajuku