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Here are five essentials to help ease the challenge of packing, writes Hanna Hussein

PACKING for a holiday is always a challenge for me. As much as I want to pack light, I will eventually end up with a few extra kilos on my travel. Tips on travelling light are always welcome.

You can get these handy essentials at a much lower price at Shopee. For details, visit or download the free Shopee app at Apple App Store or Google Play Store.


First and foremost, you need an ideal luggage size. Get the Urbanlite Iron-X 3-in-1 luggage by Universal Traveller. It comes in three sizes: the 20” (37L x 22W x 56.5H) for a short weekend getaway, while the 24” (42.5L x 25W x 65.5H) and 28” (48Lx29.5Wx75H) are great for longer trips. At home, you can reorganise everything in the 28” luggage and save space.

Made of ABS material, the luggage is sleek and basic. The internal push-button telescopic handle system with multi stage locking heights make it even easier to manoeuvre even though it’s heavy. On top of that, it has the 360-degreeSpinnerWheels system that allows fluid motion gliding at ease, whilst ensuring that the weight is evenly spread.

The four multi-directional wheels are also sturdy and strong to support the luggage.

The interior is fully lined with buckled compression strap, a built-in divider and multiple pockets to stay organised. Plus, the bags have a combination lock that will safeguard your belongings.

There’re also the top and side handles to allow for easy lifting.

It is available in three elegant colours — champagne, silver and navy.

Shopeeseller: Universal Traveller (universal_traveller_my)

Product Link:

Shopee Price: RM349

Retail Price: RM1,770


Another awesome product is the 6-in-1 Cube Travel Organizer Bag. Made of waterproof nylon material, it is perfect to organise your luggage and compartmentalise space.

It comes in six sizes which you can use to pack your clothes, shoes and accessories separately. Definite a must-have!

The travel organiser is available in five vibrant colours — dark blue, sky blue, rose red, watermelon red and maroon red.

Shopee seller: I love Shopper (iloveshopper)

Product Link:

Shopee Price: RM12.50

Retail Price: RM59.90


Girls, your make-up and toiletries need to be organised too! That is why you need the cute Korea Fashion Travel Hanging Cosmetic Toiletries by Lee and Lee. The waterproof nylon material with thickness of 24cm x 18.5cm x 9.5cm offers large capacity and a polka-dots design, which is super adorable.

What’s more, it comes with an in-built hanger which means no unpacking required during your holiday!

Shopee seller: Lee and Lee (leeandlee)

Product Link:

Shopee Price: RM10.90

Retail Price: RM39.90


This Barry Smith Foldable Bag comes in handy as a back-up bag when I go for longer trips and I know I may do a little shopping on the side! It is lightweight, water resistant and easy to store. It has one main zippered compartment with two sub-pockets in front.

Carrying it is easy too as it has a hand-handle strap and detachable shoulder strap. On top of that, it has a slot-in function to put on top

of your luggage.

Available in two colours — red and blue, the bag can be extended to 49.5 x 30 x 31.5 and carry up to 46 litres.

Shopee seller: Cuir (cuirboutique)

Product Link:

Shopee Price: RM89.

Retail Price: RM150.


A portable electronic scale is definitely a must-have if you’re a frequent flyer. This pocket-size scale is portable, convenient and practical to bring along for your travels.

The scale is also user-friendly with a hook, which accurately displays the weight by combining tare and data. The LCD screens displays in kilogrammes and pounds.The indicator will make a beeping sound when an item has been measured and it can weigh up to 40kg!

Plus, it auto shuts down in 120 seconds when not in use for battery and power optimisation. It is powered by two AAA batteries. The Smiling Face Portable Electronic Luggage Scale is available in three colours — orange, black and blue.

Shopee seller: Fashion Borong (myfashionborong)

Product Link:

Shopee Price: RM8.90

Retail Price: RM20.90

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