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A pair of progressive lenses address Meera Murugesan’s vision problems the right way

LET me say upfront that I hate wearing spectacles. I find them cumbersome and completely unattractive but thanks to developing myopia when I was nine years old, I have had glasses perched on my nose for most of my life.

Once I hit forty, I soon faced the ageing related vision problem of presbyopia in addition to myopia.

Reading became a challenge. I had to constantly remove my spectacles to read any kind of text, including receipts and labels on bottles or jars when out grocery shopping. Even the simple act of counting change to pay at the cash register became a chore because I couldn’t tell the difference between coins unless I pulled off my spectacles.

The only solution left was to get fitted for a pair of progressive lenses. Progressive lenses are no-line multifocal eyeglasses. They look similar to single vision lenses but help you see clearly at any distance.

However, the very first pair I had made did not leave me feeling comfortable at all. I experience dizziness, headaches and uneasy vision which made wearing them really problematic.

I was told by an optician that I could be one of those people who simply can’t adjust to progressive lenses.

But perhaps it was just a case of finding the right pair of progressive lenses?

When I was recently fitted with a pair of progressive lenses from Essilor’s Varilux X series at Vision Space Optometry, I had my doubts about whether they would work.

I had been assured that these lenses would make the transition from near to distance vision as smooth and seamless as possible so one wouldn’t experience the usual problems that come with progressive lenses.

These new premium lenses have been designed to reinvent near vision and deliver extended near vision within arm’s reach.

The Varilux X series provides an impressive 75 per cent match with a wearer’s visual needs.

In a nutshell, one gets to enjoy outstanding sharpness, continuous vision and fluidity from near to far without having to adjust one’s arms or head to read something or see sharply at close range and beyond.

Initially, during the first week of wearing these new spectacles, I experienced a tightness in my temples and eyes and I didn’t feel like my distant vision was sharp enough.


However, a quick trip back to Vision Space Optometry soon fixed the problem. With a minor readjustment, I soon found the glasses really easy and comfortable to wear.

And as promised, going from near to distant vision was very fluid or seamless. I didn’t experience the uneasy sensation of imbalance or giddiness, distorted vision or having to tilt or adjust the position of my head to see properly.

Finally, I could do everyday activities without having to pull off my spectacles to read labels and text or scroll through my phone.

These lenses make the transition from near to distant vision very seamless and that’s a real bonus because I had not experienced that with my earlier pair of progressive lenses.

With the earlier pair, I found even walking difficult because my vision was so distorted.

It takes some time to adjust to a pair of progressive lenses though, especially if like me, you have been wearing two separate pairs of spectacles to address your near and distant vision.

But once your eyes adjust to the changes, it’s smooth sailing all the way and the convenience that comes with having just one pair of spectacles to address all your vision needs is really worth the effort.

Everyday activities and working at the computer become effortless with seamless near to distant vision.

The Varilux X series provides an impressive 75 per cent match with a wearer’s visual needs, an improvement of 59 per cent on average compared to other premium progressive lenses.

It is available at major optical shops throughout Malaysia.

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