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Goo Hara (Picture from Koreaboo)

KUALA LUMPUR: Although Goo Hara’s recent untimely demise was met with sorrow, Netizens are now enraged over news that her parents will be receiving her inheritance.

According to Allkpop, the former member of K-Pop group Kara had actually moved out from her family home at the age of 14 after her parents’ divorce.

The neglected teen apparently lived with her aunt before enrolling as a trainee to become a K-Pop star.

The only direct family member she is known to have a close relationship with is her elder brother.

Recent news that the singer’s parents would inherit a share of her money and assets naturally did not go down well with fans who expressed their outrage online.

Many were of the opinion that the aunt who raised her or even her brother should be the only beneficiaries of her inheritance.

They added that since her parents had neglected their familial duties, they should not benefit from the tragedy.

Apparently, if no will is found, the distribution of the Korean star’s assets will then be channeled to family members in accordance with the country’s laws.

Goo was found dead at age 28 on Nov 24 in her home in South Korea, where police found a note that contained her “pessimistic” thoughts.

Some fans have requested for everyone to remain calm and to have some perspective since it is possible that Goo could have mended her relationship with her parents over the years.

Others expressed their concern that as parents, they would still be hurt and overcome with grief over the tragic death of their daughter and that no amount of money could bring her back.

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