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Goo Hara (Picture from Koreaboo)

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular Korean singer and actress Goo Hara who passed away recently was apparently depressed whenever she was in her home country.

According to Koreaboo, Japanese media company Sponichi Annex had alleged that the former member of K-Pop group Kara once revealed that she would feel bouts of depression when she was in Korea.

It wrote that Goo had confessed this to her peers and said that she “felt depressed” in Korea. The idol apparently traveled extensively between Japan and Korea as part of her career in showbiz.

It added that Goo was seen to be very happy and positive as well as devoted to her promotional activities after signing to a new Japanese company last June. Because of this, it came as a great shock to many there that the 28-year-old idol had recently taken her own life.

She was apparently busy promoting her new single, Midnight Queen in Japan prior to her brief return to South Korea where she was found dead in her Gangnam home last Sunday.

The police have yet to divulge any specific details on her passing but announced that no autopsy would be conducted.

Many people are speculating that her death was the result of her recent legal battle with an ex-boyfriend and a barrage of demeaning comments about her from malicious commenters.

Koreaboo also reported that the online finger pointing at Goo’s ex-beau Choi Jong Bum had left a negative effect on him.

Goo and the popular hairstylist had begun dating after meeting on a show but their relationship quickly took a dark turn after they started accusing each other of assault.

The scandalous plot then thickened when it was revealed that Choi had allegedly filmed a sex cam clip of Goo without her consent and threatened her with it.

It was reported that Choi was later found guilty of threatening and assaulting Goo, as well as damaging her property but was slapped with only a light sentence.

Apparently, after news of her tragic passing became widely known, Choi’s friend revealed in an interview that the hairstylist was facing a difficult time.

The person, who is also a fellow hairstylist, said: “After Choi heard about Goo Hara’s passing, he hasn’t been coping well. Everything related to Goo is a sensitive issue for him, so his colleagues have not talked about it. It’s difficult for me to tell you anything more.”

Choi turned his Instagram account to private after the unfortunate event and his new salon that opened last May remains closed indefinitely.

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