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Goo Hara (Picture from Soompi)

KUALA LUMPUR: The recent unexpected death of popular Korean actress and former member of K-Pop group Kara, Goo Hara, has seen fellow celebrities expressing their grief at her tragic passing.

According to Soompi, T.O.P of K-Pop group BigBang shared two screenshots in an Instagram story of messenger conversations from the deceased 28-year-old idol.

Earlier this month, she had sent a message to T.O.P which read: “I’m late, but happy birthday.” To this, T.O.P wrote on the screenshot, “Your last message was a happy birthday message that I wasn’t able to reply to… I’m so sorry. Hara, I hope you will rest in peace in a good place.”

He also shared screenshots in which Goo sent him a link to her Midnight Queen music video and said to him, “Did you watch it? Please watch it.” T.O.P wrote: “Hara, a tenderhearted and kind person with so many dreams who was full of passion about music and her work.”

In a separate Instagram post, singer Jung Jae Hyung wrote: “How lonely and difficult must it have been for you? My heart aches. I pray that you will find peace there.”

Seungjin of K-Pop band A-Jax, which was a previous labelmate with Goo at DSP Media, shared photos of himself with her and captioned it with, “Don’t hurt anymore.”

Another member, Dowoo, wrote: “When I was promoting (as an idol) and you were our senior artiste at our agency, you were our pride and our role model. Thank you for everything. Rest in peace.”

Singer-songwriter Nam Tae Hyun also posted a photo of himself with Goo and Sulli, who had passed away this year as well.

Korean rapper Giriboy posted a long message on Instagram which read: “Even though we’re the same age, you were like a senior (artiste) to me. Whenever I contacted you to ask you something, you’d always try to help me in some way and try to do things for me. You were such a warm person. Just recently, we talked on the phone and everything seemed normal, but then this suddenly happened. I’m so shocked... I hope you’re happy. Really.”

Actress Han Ye Seul simply wrote: “Breaks my heart RIP.”

Soy Kim of Korean indie music duo Raspberry Field said: “Rest in peace, Hara. I am so saddened and heartbroken by this loss. We can’t afford any more of these beautiful souls to leave us. We just can’t.”

Meanwhile, Koreaboo reported that the police investigating the death of Goo had concluded that there was no crime involved. Taking into consideration her family’s testimonies and the evidence at the unfortunate scene, the authorities have determined that it was unlikely a homicide.

The Gangnam Police Department apparently confirmed yesterday that the case would be closed and that no autopsy would be conducted.

CCTV footage revealed that Goo had entered her home last Sunday. Her lifeless body was discovered by a housekeeper a short while after that at about 6pm.

Details of the CCTV analysis as well as a memo by her found in her Cheongdam-dong house were disclosed by the police earlier.

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