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Mimi Fly with her mother Ramlah Md Jalee (Picture from Instagram, @mimiflyyy and NSTP file pic)

KUALA LUMPUR: The mother of singer and actress Mimi Fly has never let her inability to walk since birth hold her back from living her life to the fullest.

In an Instagram post dedicated to her beloved mother, Ramlah Md Jalee, the One Nation Emcees vocalist wrote: “There's no other perfect person in my eyes.”

She added: “Because of Mama, I see the world from a different angle. No dream is impossible for Mama to realise. Although unable to walk since birth, Mama has stepped much further than others. Mama is my source of inspiration.”

Ramlah, 64, who was born with congenital lower limb deficiency, recently appeared on Nona with her 32-year-old daughter whose real name is Shamimi Amalina Norhisham.

“Being wheelchair bound made it a big challenge to raise three of my children. But I found my own way to take care of them, cook, drive and go to work on a daily basis.”

“I never blamed anyone for my situation. I believe that God blesses everyone one of his creations with strengths and weaknesses. In life, I have seen others who are much worse off than me,” she said in previous news reports.

Ramlah, a retiree who had worked at the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, won the Ibu Gemilang award under the OKU (disabled person) category during a national Parents Day celebration last year.

She added: “Taking care of myself was a fundamental priority. I was very aware that I had to be independent and strong without expecting anything from anyone, so I always stayed positive.”

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