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Daesung of K-Pop group BigBang (Picture from Koreaboo)

KUALA LUMPUR: The building owned by BigBang member Daesung which has mired the idol in controversy has been partially demolished.

According to Koreaboo, six of the eight stories in the building are currently undergoing a demolition process.

Only the first and third levels have remained untouched by construction crew.

Apparently, some of the floors have already been completely cleared off.

The controversial property situated in the Gangnam district in Seoul first came under scrutiny last July when South Korea’s Channel A revealed that it was housing seedy businesses such as prostitution centres and adult entertainment stores.

It was alleged that five floors of the establishment had illegal businesses operating freely but have since been shut down after the police began investigations four months ago.

A building operator was reported to have said: “In the past, there were many shops, but now there are no shops except for a cafe on the first floor and a hospital on the third floor.”

The 30-year-old idol has denied any knowledge of illegal activities being conducted in his building.

His real estate agent has said that, “Daesung is only the building owner and he has nothing to do with the business operations. We are only aware of the businesses that provided a business license at the time of the building’s purchase.”

Daesung had apparently purchased the building back in November 2017 before he was enlisted in the military for his national service early last year.

After the scandal broke out, he was reported to have quickly sold off the property even as police investigations were still being carried out.

The singer, actor and TV personality was discharged from the military on Nov 10 and has agreed to cooperate with the authorities to speed up the investigations.

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