Nourul Depp

KUALA LUMPUR: Singer Nourul Depp recently uploaded an Instagram video of her giving her baby daughter Isabella a bottle of water, which drew criticism from a Netizen going by the name Idayu.

Idayu said to Nourul: "Greetings, but pardon me for saying this. It's best to give your baby mother's milk, not water, until she is two years old. It's much better for the baby to drink mother's milk with all its nutrients. Thank you."

But fans rushed to Nourul's defence and one named Lily said: "I'm shocked to read that comment. I don't see anything wrong Nourul, keep it up."

Another fan, Elina, agreed and said: "Many of us grew up drinking boiled water, not mother's milk, not milk. I also got my babies to drink water back then. Not drinking milk doesn't harm baby."

"Nothing wrong giving baby warm water, sis. Some mums give babies milk, some give babies water. To each her own," said Azlinda.

Isabella was born on April 30 via Caesarean section.

Nourul has two other children, Zachary, 5, and Raphael, 3, with her husband of seven years, Eric Depp.

She also has a 20-year-old daughter Ayu Nazirah Faizal with her ex-husband, composer Mohd Faizal Maas or Ajai.