Altimet (Picture by NSTP/ AZIAH AZMEE)

KUALA LUMPUR: "They can say what they want but I'm always proud that God gave me my rugged complexion."

This is popular composer and producer Altimet's message to all "haters" who have called him names for having less-than-perfect skin.

In an Instagram post yesterday, the Petaling Jaya-born Ola Bola The Musical star whose real name is Syed Ahmad Syed Abdul Rahman Alhadad added: "My skin is my shield against negativity. It protects me from people who judge me by my looks alone. It encourages people to look deep inside me and discover what I truly have. It makes me more resilient in life, and has taught me to avoid depending on looks but on talent instead in order to succeed in life."

Altimet, 40, continued with: "I admit I am not gorgeous but I've worked hard to excel in the arts, getting my pen to dance on paper with sharp, slick and stylish moves. I am proud God gave me skin which is 'bullet proof'. If you've got skin like mine, don't despair, for those who think they have flawless skin should realise beautiful skin doesn't last forever."

Netizens applauded Altimet and agreed that he was spot on, for what mattered most in life was not looks but honesty, integrity, talent and skills.

Ezat said: "Ignore those haters, Abang. I can't stand monsters who look down on others just because they are not conventionally handsome. You are truly handsome in and out, Abang."

Naim said: "Pretty boys only have the looks. How many have the talent?"Richard said: "Well said, Abang Altimet. Don't let idiots make fun of you."

Radzi said: "You're always my inspiration in life, Abang Altimet. And you look handsome and macho!"

Altimet began his musical career as a member of hip-hop and pop group Teh Tarik Crew in 1999.

After the group disbanded, he went solo and had several hit songs which won music awards between 2005 and 2018.

His best known songs include Kalau Aku Kaya, a duet with Singaporean singer Awi Rafael, Seru, Amboi, Muda and Bunga.

Altimet has released five studio albums titled First Among Equals, Kotarayaku, Amboi, Air and 0.

He retired from singing late last year to focus on producing, composing and acting in musicals.

Amboi won Best Performance in Anugerah Juara Lagu 32 (AJL 32) last year.