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V of BTS. (Picture from Koreaboo)

KUALA LUMPUR: IT seems like the boys from international K-Pop juggernaut BTS can’t get enough of their fans even when they are supposed to be vacationing.

According to Koreaboo, the group’s agency had announced that the seven members would be going on a two-month hiatus which kicked off last Monday in order to rest and recover from a hectic performance schedule for the last six years.

V chose to use his chilling time by entertaining fans, dubbed Army, with an energetic lipsync video to Amine’s Blackjack which he posted online yesterday with the caption: “yeah~hi.”

The video sees the floppy-haired idol in what seems like an ad-libbed music video from a selfie camera as he lipsyncs to the catchy song with saucy rap lyrics while walking around.

His video apparently resulted in Amine trending across various countries on Twitter. Not just that. Koreaboo also reported that the video has also inspired curious fans to seek out the floral button-up shirt that V was wearing in it.

The hard core fans had also spent their money to buy up the olive green Lissom shirt as well. Apparently, that particular apparel was sold out in less than an hour!

This was not the first time that V had worn that Lissom shirt though, as he was previously seen wearing it in the Boy With Luv dance practice video, as well as a recent episode of “Bangtan Bomb.

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