Bront Palarae

KUALA LUMPUR: Award-winning actor Bront Palarae is excited. His newest film Gundala has just made it to the Toronto International Film Festival 2019.

In a news report last Friday, Bront, 40, said he was most honoured to be part of the Indonesian film directed by Joko Anwar, which also featured the republic's A-list actors such as Cecep Arif Rahman, Abimana Aryasatya and Luqman Sardi.

“It's truly an honour to work with a brilliant director like Joko and a most talented cast headlined by Cecep, Abimana and Luqman. In this movie I'm the bad guy, Pengkor,” said Bront.

Gundala is the only Southeast Asian film which has been selected for the Midnite Madness screenings at the annual festival in Toronto, Canada, which runs from Sept 5 to 15.

The other notable films in the running for the People's Choice Awards include Joker directed by Todd Philips, Radioactive directed by Marjane Satrapi and Knives Out which stars Daniel Craig and Chris Evans.

Gundala opens in Indonesian cinemas on Aug 29. Prior to this Bront appeared in the Indonesian horror film Pengabdi Setan and the HBO series Halfworlds, both directed by Joko as well.

Bront is currently involved in the filming the horror movie Sumpahan Jerunei in Mukah, Sarawak.