Fauziah Nawi. (Picture from Instagram)

KUALA LUMPUR: Veteran actress Fauziah Nawi will be making a police report for identity theft after her likeness and identity has been used in a scam to trick people out of their money.

In a news report earlier today, the 66-year-old star of movies such as The Red Kebaya, Khurafat and Hoore! Hoore! revealed that she had got wind of the irresponsible act from friends.

Apparently, they had received WhatsApp messages from an unknown phone number with the sender claiming to be the award-winning actress, who has also been a radio presenter, singer, director and dancer.

“The irresponsible individual had asked to borrow money from my friends. Fortunately, they were not easily taken in by this scam and had got in touch with me immediately to verify whether it was really me who had made the request for help,” she said.

Fauziah added that the person had used her latest picture from her social media account.

“I had just recently uploaded the latest picture of myself on Facebook and this person had used it to bait my friends. The individual had also cheekily asked my friends if my picture was nice or not in the messages which is something I’d never do.”

“My friends were asked to transfer money into an account by the name of Ustaz Haji Salemardan Biska and had carried on a conversation as though it was me doing it,” she said.

Apparently, Fauziah let on that she had experienced the opposite of this last year when she was contacted from an unknown number by a person claiming to be one of her friends and using a similar tactic.

She added: “I have no idea if the person this time was the same one or not who tried to fool me last year. It’s really a bother though for this to happen now since we were happily in the midst of celebrating Aidiladha.”

“I hope we will all be more cautious since many irresponsible people today are using such dirty tactics in order to steal money from others,” she said.

Meanwhile, the Ipoh-born actress will be carrying out shooting for several television movies and is also busy with the theatre production of Gempita Sastera Sasterawan Negara which will be officially launched in October.

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