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TXT (Picture by Koreaboo)

KUALA LUMPUR: BTS’ burgeoning ‘little brother’ K-Pop band TXT has hit a temporary setback in its fast climb towards massive popularity after debuting about five months ago.

According to Koreaboo, the five-member music outfit has to contend with health issues affecting its members that have put a damper on the group’s activities.

Big Hit Entertainment, which manages both TXT and BTS, recently announced that the fresh group will not be performing at the Lotte Duty Free Family Concert this Sunday.

Apparently, TXT member Soobin has been diagnosed with conjunctivitis, or pink eye, and is currently resting and recovering.

Since his condition is highly contagious, inter-personal contact has to be limited as he goes through the recovery process.

Fellow member, Yeonjun, also has to focus on resting to recover from a recent bout of back pains which saw him having to miss attending the recent 2019 MGMA event with the rest of the group.

With the various complications happening, Big Hit Entertainment has postponed TXT’s comeback, or music releases, which was initially scheduled for later this month to late next month after the members had received enough time to rest and recover.

On a different note, Soompi reported that BTS’ Japanese single, Lights/Boy With Luv was certified as having sold a million copies by the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ).

The association announced the news earlier today which makes the South Korean K-Pop sensation the first foreign male artiste ever to do so.

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