Ma and Tong in their drama

KUALA LUMPUR: The friendship between actor Kenneth Ma and actress Natalie Tong is well-known amongst followers of TVB dramas in Hong Kong.

And now that 45-year-old Ma has broken up with actress Jacqueline Wong, Netizens are encouraging him to court Tong, 38, his co-star in the drama series Big White Duel.

Entertainment news portal Jayne Stars reported yesterday that many Netizens had urged Ma to “find a new love” after his break-up with Wong over her cheating scandal with singer-actor Andy Hui last April.

Ma and Tong participated in a game show with actress Priscilla Wong recently, and during the show, Priscilla commented that the duo “made a good match”.

“They just need a chance to go on a date. I'll invite them to have dinner later!” said Priscilla, adding that Ma and Tong planned to go on a holiday together later this month.

When asked if they planned to share a room together, Tong said that Ma was “very rich, so he can pay for his own room”.

Tong jokingly reacted by telling Ma: “Date me please, someone has to date me first.”

In Big White Duel, Ma plays a doctor while Tong plays his ex-wife.