V of BTS sporting a paint palette brooch (Picture from Koreaboo)

KUALA LUMPUR: Member of popular K-Pop group BTS, V, certainly caused a stir among fans recently after he was photographed wearing an eye-catching brooch in the shape of a painter’s colour palette.

According to Koreaboo, fans, or Army, rushed to purchase the same brooch from an independent artist, causing the product to quickly sell out.

The creator of the wooden accessory is Kate Rowland and her Twitter description reads: “Designer of fun jewellery, illustrator, lazy runner, feminist. A confused British person in Japan.”

Apparently on June 10, Rowland received a large amount of orders from South Korea and Japan. In a Twitter post she wrote: “I've had loads of orders to South Korea and Japan today... what’s happening! Has there been some sort of feature there? How can I find out?!”

Before the end of that day, Rowland had to stop taking orders since she couldn’t cope with the amount. She wrote on Twitter: “I can't take any more orders for paint palettes now everyone. I have reached the capacity that one pair of hands is capable of. I will restock when I can!”

Rowland later added: “These matching paint palette earrings have also sold out. Like the brooch, they are currently available for preorder.”

Perplexed at the sudden surge in demand, she eventually found out that it was V, who loves to paint in his free time, that had contributed to its immense popularity.

Rowland is selling the brooch, laser cut from sustainable plywood and painted with a rainbow of colours, for USD12 (about RM50) a piece.

In another tweet, she wrote: “I just sent off the first batch of paint palettes, now it’s back to the studio to MAKE LOADS MORE! Has today been a dream?”

Meanwhile, Koreaboo also reported that J-Hope had recently revealed the hardest thing about the group’s current Speak Yourself World Tour.

During a live broadcast with V, J-Hope explained that the long duration of the flights were the most difficult aspect of the tour. So far, BTS had performed in the US, Brazil, the UK and France.

The hunky idol then added that he hoped the transportation technology would improve and advance quickly so that they could travel to their concert stops in half the time.

V said that if this were to come true, then they would be able to fly to countries they have never been to before to meet even more of their Army.

BTS took an 11-hour flight back to South Korea a day after a concert in Paris last Saturday in order to prepare for the group’s Muster, or fan-meet, celebrations in Busan and Seoul over the coming weekends.

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