Luna Maya

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular Indonesian actress Luna Maya recently gave fans a health scare when she was found semi-conscious in the restroom at a television station in Jakarta last Tuesday.

She was found by the cast and crew of a Ramadan TV programme which Luna is also involved in.

According to Indonesian news portal DetikHot, the 35-year-old Balinese artiste had told them earlier that she was not feeling well, and excused herself.

When Luna failed to return to the studio, the cast and crew were alerted by a cleaner who figured that she might still be in the locked restroom cubicle.

The cast, including actors Raffi Ahmad and Ruben Onsu and actress Okky Lukman broke into the cubicle and found Luna crouched on the floor and barely conscious.

Raffi and Ruben carried her out of the toilet and one of the crew members drove her to the nearest hospital.

It is learnt that Luna has been discharged after a night’s stay at the hospital and has just returned to work.

The star of 2014 Malaysian thriller Tembu began her career as a model and made her acting debut in the 1999 film 30 Hari Mencari Cinta. Her best known films include Brownies (2005), Cinta Silver (2005) and Hi5teria (2012).

She played a psychotic woman in Tembus, which also starred Datuk Aaron Aziz, Nur Fazura Sharifuddin and Khir Rahman.

She also performed a dance pop duet Paranoid with singer-actor Datuk AC Mizal in 2014. In 2013, Luna directed her first film Pintu Harmonika.

Luna's Instagram video showing her rescue

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