Awi Rafael calls off wedding at the eleventh hour. - Instagram/Awi Rafael

KUALA LUMPUR: Singer-songwriter Awi Rafael’s and actress Atikah Suhaime’s solemnisation ceremony has been set for Sunday, but it looks like the union is not going to happen.

The 32-year-old Awi, in a video posting via Instagram earlier today, said that his family and him had decided to not carry on with the nuptials planned for this weekend in Singapore.

Accompanying the video is a caption which read: “Awi sudah coba buat yg terbaik utk dia & Awi sekeluarga sdh pun bersiap sedia utk Ahad ini. Niat dihati adalah utk membina masjid, menutup aib dia yg dulu & membawa dia ke jalan tuhan bersama ke arah hidup baru. Kerna itu Awi tawakkal & terus tunang sejak tahun lalu. Namun.. Awi juga mempunyai Ibu dan maruah keluarga. Terlalu berat dugaan baru kali ini.. Awi harap kawan2 semua akan faham. Dahlah.. Awi pun tak ingin bukak aib sesiapa.” (I’ve tried to do my best for her and my entire family and I have made preparations for this Sunday. My intention is to marry her and build a new and better life together. That is why I got engaged to her last year... This is a mighty huge test from God that I’m facing. I hope everyone understands. This is enough... I don’t intend to disgrace anyone.”

Although Awi did not specifically disclose the reason behind his decision, he also wrote that this last-minute decision was made after he had performed the Istikhara (a prayer performed by one to seek guidance).

“TQ to all my friends tht hv been so supportive & loving, don’t worry I will repay those that hv booked flights etc.. tq for calling me. To co-sponsors for e wedding.. cake & food etc, don’t worry i will call you too. We can give it to the children’s orphanage,” he wrote.

He also hoped that the media would still carry on giving both Atikah, 27, and him their full support just like before.

Atikah Suhaime. - Instagram/Atikah Suhaime

Meanwhile, in a news report, Atikah said: “Sebagai seorang perempuan biarlah pihak lelaki yang memberi jawapan dahulu. Saya hanya boleh katakan kami tiada jodoh untuk bersama.” (As a woman, I’ll just let him make the statement first. All I can say is that we are not fated to be together.)

The two were engaged on March 17 last year.

In a statement to the media, Warner Music Malaysia has requested members of the media to give Awi some space and time during this trying period.

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