The current sex scandal involving Jung Joon Young (left) and Seungri has been exacerbated by rumours that other K-Pop artistes are involved. (Pic courtesy of Soompi)

KUALA LUMPUR: The K-Pop scene is surely heating up in an uncharacteristically negative way after the recent sex scandals involving BigBang member Seungri and singer Jung Joon Young became full-blown news.

It was reported that both idols have already announced their retirement from the music scene after being taken in by the authorities who are currently investigating the matter.

But the rumour mill has been rife with speculation that there may be more celebs involved with the controversy and accusations have been flying high in cyberspace.

According to Soompi, members of hot K-Pop male group Exo and popular girl band Twice have been rumoured to be involved.

The agencies for the two South Korean music outfits released official statements today to denounce the accusations as being untrue.

SM Entertainment, which manages Exo, said: “The rumours about our artiste that are being spread online are groundless rumours, and the expansion of this false information is causing serious damage to the artiste and agency.

“We therefore announce that we will take strong legal action against those who have engaged in such illegal actions (writing, posting, and spreading false rumours).

“We will continue to take strong legal action against such malicious rumours and ask you to actively report to us (”

Twice’s agency, JYP, also delivered a similar statement with: “Regarding rumours related to our artiste that are currently spreading on online communities, the judgment was made that the severity and contents of the rumours can cause serious damage to the artiste's image, honour, and character.

“As a result, we are announcing that we will seek out all possible legal actions against those who initially posted and spread (the rumours).

“We are currently collecting evidence about this matter and are discussing plans for action with internal and external law firms.

“We request that fans send in tips to help take quick action on this matter. We are once again announcing that as an agency, we are considering all possible measures and actions for the rights and interests of our artiste.”

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