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(File pix) Fashion designer Ezuwan Ismail. Pix by NSTP/Mohd Khairul Helmy Mohd Din

KUALA LUMPUR: Well-known fashion designer Ezuwan Ismail has since transitioned into a singer, now that he is part of a three-member outfit who calls themselves E1.

Besides him, the other two are also from the local fashion scene — models Zulyasrani and Ariff Imran.

The trio are set to release their debut single next month, a pop ballad titled Semalam Sahaja, composed by singer-songwriter Asfan Shah.

“The release of this single is not a one-off project. We are already planning for our next single,” said Ezuwan who is looking forward to have a solid footing in the Malaysian music scene.

“I’ve been toying with the idea to become a recording artiste for some time now, and I am thrilled that it has now become a reality.

“I view this as history in the making... a fashion designer who becomes a singer,” said the 36-year-old in a news report yesterday.

On the single, Ezuwan said that they had just completed recording it.

“Initially, hitting the studios was a little intimidating for us but Asfan was very helpful, guiding us during the whole recording process which only took an hour tops,” he said.

Ezuwan did try his hands in acting previously. He started in the 2012 drama series BFF Teman Tapi Mesra, directed by Amy Maziah. Other cast members include Munif Isa, Sari Yanti, Irma Hasmie, Razak Ahmad and Liza Abdullah.

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