Zul Ariffin recent Instagram post shows him a little ‘chunkier’.

KUALA LUMPUR: One of popular actor Zul Ariffin’s latest Instagram entries has him lounging on a chair dressed in a green ‘baju Melayu’ with a wide smile plastered across his face.

It was just like any other post that he usually puts up. Well, except that his physical appearance was a little on the chunkier side than the usual muscular frame that fans have come to know him for.

Of course people quickly noticed the ample gains but before anyone could question the 32-year-old actor over his dramatic expansion, he playfully poked fun at himself first in the post’s caption.

“I smile thinking about my body now that it has reached 102kg. Wouldn’t it be nice if I could stay like this at all times?

“But due to work… I have to shed it all away,” he said.

According to a news report recently, the actor had put on the pounds due to an unhealthy lifestyle.

“A year ago, I was too busy with my career to take notice of my unhealthy way of living. I didn’t care about going to the gym, I didn’t eat properly, and my sleep cycle went haywire.

“There’s no one to blame but me. Now, I’m back to my exercise routine everyday,” he said.

Zul said that he has a couple of projects lined up, but his decision to be healthy again is not just for work purposes.

“It’s about getting myself ready and being always ready for whatever comes, becoming healthier and doing what I enjoy," he said.

Zul also spared a few words on Instagram to motivate followers who are also on a similar journey to become more fit.

“To all of you who are trying to reach your physical and mental goals out there, let’s start making it happen.

“Torture your body before it tortures you!” he wrote.

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