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Nur Fazura Sharifuddin says those who want to date Alvin Chong (inset) will have to go through her first.

KUALA LUMPUR: Popular actress, singer and TV host Nur Fazura Sharifuddin sure has a soft spot for fresh faced actor Alvin Chong.

According to a news report yesterday, the 35-year-old celeb expressed lots of praise for Chong in a recent Insta-story post on her official account.

She wrote: "This guy is not just talented and has the looks, but is also super well brought up with good manners, always taking care of others and he carries himself well."

The Kami Histeria star added: "And now we all love him."

She also displayed her big sister persona towards the dashing 27-year-old actor and singer.

"I'm officially protective of him from now on," she declared.

Saving the best for last, Fazura ended her post with a threateningly funny statement.

"So anyone who wants to date him will have to fill up a form with me first, ok? Kak Long will scan through," wrote Fazura.

Apparently, Alvin and Fazura's hunky husband, popular actor Fattah Amin, had struck up a tight friendship with each other after working together on the drama series, Suri Hati Mr Pilot.

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