Actress Balkisyh Semundur Khan and the two children — Nur Qalesya, 9, and Muhamad Nor Qaisyh Khan, 4. (Pic from Instagram)

KUALA LUMPUR: Following a viral video of actress Balkisyh Semundur Khan in a heated row with her former husband at a parking lot, the artiste took to Instagram recently to explain her side of the story.

In the video which was shared on social media, Balkish, 31, was seen reacting aggressively towards Mohd Aizad Mohd Rosli who claimed that he only wanted to see his children whom he had not met for a couple of months.

“I did what I thought was necessary as I felt intimidated, with him disturbing my daughter at school. His friend was also recording us on video,” wrote the actress who plays Atol in the popular comedy TV series Mak Cun.

She also wrote: “Npe x post video rakaman drp awal & kseluruhnya???... Rsenye semua boleh nmpak yg bdak tu lgsung x pandang die n x nak dipegang...mcm org ketakutan...”

(Why didn’t he record and upload the entire part of our altercation? I think everyone who saw the video could see how our daughter didn’t even want to look at or be held by him. She seemed scared in the video.)

Balkisyh and Aizad who tied the knot in 2006, divorced earlier in the month.

They have two children — Nur Qalesya, 9, and Muhamad Nor Qaisyh Khan, 4.

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