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True to form, a cat recently picked an interesting spot to engage in its self cleansing ritual. Pic Source From INSTAGRAM

A CAT does as a cat pleases. Those who have cats know this to be rule number one when it comes to sharing space with a feline.

True to form, a cat recently picked an interesting spot to engage in its self cleansing ritual.

At a fashion show in Istanbul, with an I couldn't care less look on its face, a white cat with gray patches somehow found its way onto the CATwalk (no surprises there considering it owes its name to the furry creature) while models were strutting up and down and plonked itself right in the middle, much to the amusement of the hoomans there.

Not only that, the cat saw it fit to spread its legs and clean itself, occassionally glancing up and possibly wondering why on earth were these leggy hoomans walking back and forth for no apparent reason.

The models expertly manouevred around the cat, not tripping on it, but that wasn't enough to make the furball take his licking to a more secluded spot.

After a few seconds, the cat must have realised the attention it was getting, with all the cameras and cellphones around, and decided to strut down the runway.

Safe to say, somebody should just hand the cat a Gucci coat because it owned the catwalk like no supermodel ever could no matter how much coaching they get from Jay Alexander.

Little Nao-meow Campbell even attempted to grab at a hooman model's leg, probably trying to say, go home and let me show you how it's done.

The hooman model maintained her composure and did not even flinch as she carried on walking, probably annoying Nao-meow just a tad.

It was obvious from the video that the cat had no intention of leaving the spotlight, making its way right to the edge of the runway without even looking for a way out.

It was reported that the fashion show that was cat-crashed was the Esmod International Fashion Show in Istanbul, Turkey.

The video was posted by @hknylcn on Instagram and has since garnered over 200,000 views.

All we can say is there's definitely a new super-meow-del in town.

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