HUAWEI is calling for all consumers to join its annual photography contest, ‘HUAWEI Rewrites the Rules of Photography’. All you have to do is take a picture using any HUAWEI smartphone and stand a chance to win units of the HUAWEI P30 Pro, HUAWEI nova 4, HUAWEI Watch GT (46mm Edition), and more.

The stakes are raised as all submissions can also be entered into the Next Image Awards to win a cash prize of USD20,000 (RM82,906) and other fantastic prizes. Consisting of six conceptual categories, these awards aim to explore the possibilities of next-generation visual expressions and culture, all through the lens of a HUAWEI smartphone. Remember, you can submit one photo into various categories and can submit up to 30 pictures per account.

The six categories are:

1) Faces: Experimenting with identity and the power of portraiture

2) Going the Distance: Discovering new places and new experiences by using new features of the smartphone camera, for instance tele-lens, super wide angle or macro-shooting

3) Hello, Life!: Sharing the emotion or the inspiration in everyday experiences

4) Storyboard: Telling a story in 9 frames – a grid of photos that develop a meaningful or intriguing narrative

5) #Emotion Tag: Expressing instant emotions by means of photography

6) Life Now: Filming stories in less than 30 seconds.

To help you with your entries, here are some tips and tricks to get the most out of your submissions. Good luck!

Lowlight photography: A little light goes a long way

The HUAWEI P30 Pro is the first HUAWEI device equipped with a new Leica Quad Camera System, including a 40MP Super Sensing camera. Together with an ultra-sensitive sensor, ISP, and super-sensitive AI image engine, the HUAWEI P30 Pro’s camera has a maximum ISO sensitivity of 409,600 for clearer and sharper lowlight photography under minimal lighting.

Without the need for a tripod, simply press the shutter to get your ideal photo in lowlight conditions. No complicated steps, no extra settings to fiddle with. Just look at the kinds of photos that you can capture.

This lowlight photo by Abeden Mung was captured at Avani, Sepang.

“Taking sunset shots has always been challenging, with the fear of losing details due to low light conditions. However, the HUAWEI P30 Pro in its AI mode has helped me to achieve balanced shadows and highlights. Check out how awesome the details are for both the sky and the sea. Backlight? No problem with the HUAWEI P30 Pro!”

Image metadata: ISO 50 | Shutter Speed 1/3436s | F1.6 | 58mm (normal mode + AI mode)

Eligible Next Image Award categories: Going the Distance, Hello, Life!, and #Emotion Tag

Meanwhile, these are comparison of lowlight photography taken with a HUAWEI P30 Pro (top) and Brand I (bottom) by Instagram user @smashpop at Club Med, Bali.

“As I was on vacation in Bali, I stayed in Club Med which has Balinese architecture paired with natural elements like trees, lakes and grasslands.This is actually a signature spot in the resort as all guests will have to walk past this stretch of rooms to reach their own.

“One night, as I was walking back to the room after dinner, I realised that the night was exceptionally dark. I knew that it was the perfect time to take a photo using the main 40MP sensor on the HUAWEI P30 Pro as it is using a new RYYB sensor, it can actually capture 40 per cent more light than usual.

“With the help of f1.6 aperture lens, I was confident that it will turn out amazing. Well, I was right. This photo was taken with just a tap of the shutter button. No night mode or tripod needed. It's simply mind blowing.”

For the elements in the photo, @smashpop intentionally aligned the separation of real building and reflection to be 50 per cent on top and 50 per cent bottom to clearly show the difference and to fully expose the reflection on the lake’s surface.

Image metadata: ISO 6400 | Shutter Speed 1/17s | F1.6 | 27mm (normal mode)

Eligible Next Image Awards category: Going the Distance

Need to zoom? Not a big deal!

Through a new periscope design, the HUAWEI P30 Series supports a high-fidelity magnification of 5X optical zoom, 10X hybrid zoom, and up to 50X zoom. A prism element in the telephoto camera bends light at a 90-degree angle to maximise focal length while minimising camera height, allowing minimal disruption on the device design. At the same time, with its optical image stabilisation (OIS) technology, experience professional zoom functions without any additional equipment.

Capture amazing detail in your photo submissions with the HUAWEI P30 Pro’s unprecedented 50X zoom! Showcase your skill of taking details of the finer things for a different perspective on life.

Just choose your preferred zoom factor (‘1X’, ‘10X, ‘50X’, etc.) to take different shots from different angles.

These are photos taken by Faliq Fahmie of the Sultan Abdul Samad Building with an ultra-wide angle lens (top), 10X zoom (middle), and 50X zoom (bottom).

“As one of the most iconic buildings in Malaysian history, I decided to choose this building as my subject for its heritage and cultural values. And thanks to HUAWEI P30 Pro with its ultra-wide lens and superzoom function, I managed to capture a famous section of the building, as well as the iconic clock tower as my superzoom target. Tips: try to use the landscape mode if you’re shooting low-rise buildings.”

Image metadata: Top image: ISO 50 | Shutter Speed 1/1927s | F2.2 | 16mm (ultra-wide angle)

Middle image: ISO 80 | Shutter Speed 1/900s | F3.4 | 277mm (normal mode)

Bottom image: ISO 125 | Shutter Speed 1/900s | F3.4 | 1343mm (normal mode)

Eligible Next Image Awards categories: Going the Distance and Hello, Life!

These next photos by Amsyar Naaif of the Moroccan Pavilion, Putrajaya is taken with an ultra-wide angle lens (top), 5X zoom (middle), and 50X zoom (bottom).

“Did you know that there is a piece of Morocco in Malaysia? Tucked away in a corner of the Putrajaya Botanical Gardens lies the exquisite Moroccan Pavilion, Putrajaya known as Astaka Morocco.

“The detailing leaves me in awe. This spectacular shot was achieved with the ultra-wide mode on the HUAWEI P30 Pro.

“The key to a clear and sharp photo is the lighting. Explore and catch a good frame with the best lighting, find your angle, and snap. Use these tips with the ultra-wide mode, and nothing will go wrong.”

Image metadata: Top image: ISO 50 | Shutter Speed 1/314s | F2.2 | 16mm (ultra-wide angle + AI mode)

Middle image: ISO 50 | Shutter Speed 1/136s | F3.4 | 135mm (normal mode + AI mode)

Bottom image: ISO 50 | Shutter Speed 1/137s | F3.4 | 1343mm (normal mode + AI mode)

Eligible Next Image Awards categories: Going the Distance and Hello, Life!

Capturing the whole story in one shot with the ultra-wide angle lens

The 20MP 16mm-equivalent ultra-wide angle lens can greatly increase the sense of space in an image without the need for you to ‘step back’. This doesn’t mean that the tiny details are forgotten because you can also go in as close as 2.5cm away from your subject for some of the best macro photography.

Adjust the zoom to 0.6X to enter the ultra-wide angle mode. When the distance between the camera and the object is at 2.5cm, the camera automatically enters the super macro mode. Easy peasy.

Take a look at @smashpop’s ultra-wide angle photo at Club Med, Bali.

“Club Med Bali has a beautiful pool deck with vibrant red umbrellas that captures the attention of all guests. As I was having breakfast in the morning at around 9am, I noticed that the shadow casting on the ground looks very interesting and I knew it would make a great ultra-wide angle shot.

“Since it was early, the area wasn't filled with people yet. So, I quickly decided to use the HUAWEI P30 Pro to capture this scene using the ultra-wide angle lens.

“This was the only shot I took as it looked great instantly. The sky was not over exposed, allowing clouds to appear clearly while the shadow areas are balanced nicely with details still intact.

“I took this from the first floor of the building, hence I could cover more areas further back into the scene.”

Image metadata: ISO 50 | Shutter Speed 1/1996s | F2.2 | 16mm (0.6x, ultra-wide angle)

Eligible Next Image Awards categories: Going the Distance and Hello, Life!

This super macro photo by Sanjitpaal Singh was taken at KL Butterfly Park

“These are the wings of Malaysia’s national butterfly, the Rajah Brooke’s birdwing butterfly. It is also the largest species in Malaysia.

“Butterflies have some of the most stunning colours, lines and textures that are usually unseen by the human eye.

“The super macro mode on the HUAWEI P30 Pro managed to help capture such details, where you can notice thousands of tiny scales responsible for the magnificent colour characteristics of butterflies. It’ll be good to note that this was captured handheld without any assisting accessories!”

Image metadata: ISO 640 | Shutter Speed 1/100s | F2.2 | 27mm (super macro mode + AI mode)

Eligible Next Image Awards categories: Going the Distance and #Emotion Tag

Another super macro photo by Sanjitpaal Singh shot at home

“This project was to test the colours and details of the new HUAWEI P30 Pro’s camera fitted with the RYYB sensor. Shot on super macro mode, the vibrant colours are truly eye-catching.

“You can try this at home too! A little splatter of water on a compact disk would do the trick.”

Image metadata: ISO 64 | Shutter Speed 1/100s | F2.2 | 27mm (super macro mode + AI mode)

Eligible Next Image Awards categories: Going the Distance and #Emotion Tag

Get to know the Time of Flight (ToF sensor) better

The HUAWEI P30 Pro’s TOF camera is best utilised for the portrait mode, crafting a sharper bokeh effect without the need for an expensive DSLR camera and lens – no more strands of hair near the subject, imprecise blurred backgrounds and foregrounds, and a more accurate bokeh effect.

Just select the ‘Portrait’ mode and place your subject not more than 2 metres from the camera for the best bokeh effect.

Portrait by Abeden Mung at Bukit Tunku

“Shadowed areas are well enhanced on the portrait mode using the HUAWEI P30 Pro thanks to the AI mode which helps me capture great portrait shots when it detects a face.

“I’m shocked that even under harsh sunlight, I can still capture the Pakcik’s face clearly even from a low angle shot.”

Image metadata: ISO 50 | Shutter Speed 1/2890s | F1.6 | 101mm (portrait mode + AI mode)

Eligible Next Image Awards categories: #Emotion Tag and Hello, Life!

Portrait by Faliq Fahmie at Jalan Dhoby, Johor Baru

“This shot was taken earlier this month during Street Meet Johor, a photography event that gathers photographers and models that I organised. I saw this event as an opportunity for me to test out the new HUAWEI P30 Pro to take some portrait shots and I wasn’t disappointed.

“The trick for me is to ensure your portraits look as natural as it can be, you can adjust the Beauty Effect to lowest level possible to reduce the glowy effect. Also, natural lighting is always the best choice.”

Image metadata: ISO 50 | Shutter speed 1/2890s | F 1.6 | Focal Length 27mm (portrait mode)

Eligible Next Image Awards categories: #Emotion Tag and Hello, Life!

Stunning backlight photos with the help of HUAWEI’s AI HDR+ feature

Here’s where it gets even more impressive. The HUAWEI P30 Pro’s AI-assisted photography, AI HDR+, can identify elements in the frame such as faces, buildings, and the sun, to create an exposure map and intelligently apply that to both minimise blown highlights and brighten up shadows. Thus, the backlight of your subject is optimised for a more realistic and natural background.

Select the ‘HDR’ mode where the camera will automatically adjust the image’s exposure. Wait for the focus on the subject to be clear before shooting the image. And that’s it!

Be amazed by this backlight photo of Marion Caunter at the Leica Factory in Germany

Image metadata: ISO 50 | Shutter speed 1/1094s | F 0.95 | Focal Length 52mm(2x) (portrait mode)

Eligible Next Image Awards categories: Faces, Going the Distance and #Emotion Tag

So what are you waiting for? Whip out any of your HUAWEI smartphones and snap away. With these simple tips, it does all the work for you. Submit your entries now!

About ‘HUAWEI Rewrites the Rules of Photography’ contest

Participation is simple and straightforward. Follow the steps to be in the running to win units of the HUAWEI P30 Pro, HUAWEI nova 4, and HUAWEI Watch GT (46mm Edition), and more.

1). Capture a picture that best showcases your creativity with any HUAWEI smartphones.

Ensure that the watermark option is enabled.

2). Come up with a caption that describes your picture.

3). Upload the picture onto your social media platforms with selected hashtags.

4). Participants can submit up to 30 pictures per account.

For more information, visit the following:

Berita Harian

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About the NEXT Image Awards

All Next Image Awards submissions will also receive an additional RM50 voucher from

For more information, please visit or HUAWEI’s official Facebook at

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