#Showbiz: Edry's son settling well in Manchester school Tahir Alhamzah Friday, 16 November 2018. KUALA LUMPUR: Singer and composer Edry Abdul Halim is relieved that his 11-year-old son Emery is now enrolled in a school in Manchester, United Kingdom.
Do not cover sexual predators to protect school image Bernama Thursday, November 15, 2018 - 10:35 KUALA LUMPUR: School heads should refrain from protecting their school image or good name by covering sexual crimes involving their teachers and staff.
New education curriculum to be implemented in 2021-Maszlee SAMADI AHMAD Tuesday, November 13, 2018 - 17:04 PUTRAJAYA: The Education Ministry will formulate a new curriculum, which is expected to be rolled out by the end of 2020 or early 2021.
Malaysians hold school principals in highest regard: Global survey Says Friday, November 9, 2018 - 11:16 KUALA LUMPUR: A study conducted by a global education charity foundation revealed that Malaysians have the highest regard for school principals out of 35 nationalities polled.
Rani Kulup wants stern action against those who distribute Bible to students HAFIDZUL HILMI MOHD NOOR Thursday, November 8, 2018 - 16:54 KUALA LUMPUR: Six non-governmental organisations (NGO) lodged a police report on allegations that Bibles were distributed to students outside a secondary school in Bukit Mertajam, Penang.
Bible-inspired book distributed to public in George Town Mohamed Basyir Wednesday, November 7, 2018 - 19:04 GEORGE TOWN: A group of people wearing white T-shirts have been distributing a Bible-inspired book to the public near Bukit Bendera, here, today.
California teacher caught on camera in brawl with student AFP Tuesday, November 6, 2018 - 08:43 LOS ANGELES: A California high school teacher is facing charges for punching a pupil who had hurled racial slurs at him, in an incident that many students and staff say was justified.
More than 80 people, mostly school children, kidnapped in Cameroon Reuters Monday, November 5, 2018 - 21:19 YAOUNDE: More than 80 people, mostly children, were kidnapped from a school in the city of Bamenda in western Cameroon early on Monday, government and military sources said.
Old Edwardians rekindle camaraderie after 50 years Adrian David Monday, November 5, 2018 - 12:00 KUALA TERENGGANU: It has been 50 years since they left school as Fifth Formers at the King Edward VII School in Taiping, Perak.
Literature or Science: 'School system needs massive revamp, streams can kill students' potential' FARAH HARITH Friday, November 2, 2018 - 19:25 KUALA LUMPUR: The offering of subjects based on streams; namely the science stream and the arts stream, can kill students' potential, and this is not just for the Malays, but all races.
Jawi to be made heritage writing in schools - Teo Nie Ching Mohd Iskandar Ibrahim Wednesday, October 31, 2018 - 12:58 KUALA LUMPUR: Jawi inscription will be made a heritage writing soon, the Dewan Rakyat was told today.
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