Tzong Lee, chief executive officer and co-founder of TRAPO Asia during the opening speech and presentation. Courtesy Photo

KUALA LUMPUR: TRAPO Asia recently launched the TRAPO Mark II, the latest addition to its range of car mat products.

With the new TRAPO Mark II, the homegrown customized car mat solution provider aims to strengthen its presence both locally and internationally with its tailored fit and custom-made car mats.

Founded by two siblings, Tzong and Zare Lee in 2016, TRAPO Asia offers full customisation of over 500 car models.

“We are proud to achieve another milestone for TRAPO Asia today and we are confident in terms of achieving a double-digit growth by year-end.

"TRAPO was created to be the car mat solution for every driver and we will continue to innovate and introduce new products in the near future to provide a wider range of options to fit the customers’ driving needs. With Trapo Mark II, we are aiming to provide an all-new perspective for Malaysians in terms of hygiene and looking for a five per cent growth in market share,” said Tzong Lee, co-founder of TRAPO Asia.

Over the past three years, TRAPO has captured six per cent of Malaysia’s newly-registered car market share for being the first Malaysian car mat solution provider.

It has served over 80,000 customers and has expanded to countries like Singapore and Indonesia.

The founders are confident with the market potential and believe that the market can be tapped further.

Trapo car mat is designed to fit more than 500 car models in the market. Courtesy Photo

The new TRAPO Mark II utilizes the Bactekiller technology by Fuji Chemical Industries Co Ltd which eliminates 99 per cent of the bacteria on the car mat surface to provide cleaner and more hygienic car mats for the users.

The Bactekiller technology prevents bacteria from reproducing on the surface of TRAPO car mats thus eventually killing it off.

In conjunction with the launch, TRAPO Asia has signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) with Fuji Chemical to be the sole car mat manufacturer to use the Japanese technology in Malaysia.

“We are proud to be the only authorized car mat manufacturer to work with the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer, Fuji Chemical Industries Co Ltd which has over 65 years of heritage.

“Drivers step on their car mats in and out every day without realizing the bacteria that they bring into their car. With this partnership, TRAPO Asia can now produce a state-of-the-art car mat, Trapo Mark II to provide a safe and cleaner option for all drivers,” said Tzong.

According to a research done by Nielson, Malaysia has the third-highest rate of car ownership in the world with 93 per cent of households owning a car.

Understanding the potential and industry gap, Tzong and Zare have come up with an intelligent and rather eco-friendly solution by combining a growing problem with unused raw materials.

By using 50 per cent recycled raw materials and 50 per cent part virgin fibres, the revolutionary Trapo car mat was created. It is also waterproof and traps dirt effectively.

Zare Lee said: “We place great importance on maintaining an eco-friendly culture here at TRAPO. As such, we aim to be responsible for the waste from our manufacturing site and our car mats.”

On top of offering car mats, TRAPO Asia is venturing into in-house car accessories called Oxtra which includes power cable, car charger, mini vacuum and phone holder.

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