(File pix) The DoxouY15ZR Pix by NSTP/Eizairi Shamsudin

HONG Leong Yamaha Motor launched the Doxou versions of the venerable Y15ZR and NVX models at the Yamaha Gen Blu Carnival in Serdang recently.

Targeting the premium and sporty lifestyle segments, the new Doxou versions are showcased with striking Matte Blue and Sakura Copper livery and touted as sports fashion motorcycles.

Doxou is a new style concept by Yamaha and derived from the Japanese word “dokusou”, meaning original work. It also means a comprehensive lifestyle clothing line complete with accessories such as headphones, bags and many more items.

Incidentally, any purchase of a Doxou model comes with free headphones, keychain and certificate of authenticity.

The running gear and motive power behind the new Doxou livery is exactly the same as the normal Y15ZR and NVX.

(File pix) The running gear of theDoxou Y15ZR is exactly the same as the standardmodel. Pix by NSTP/Eizairi Shamsudin

Pricing for the Doxou “YSuku” is RM8,868, which is RM700 more than the standard version, while the NVX’s price will be announced soon.

The Yamaha Gen Blu Carnival itself was a success for Hong Leong Yamaha, and managed to earn a mention in the Malaysia Book of Records as the largest (single-make) gathering of Yamaha motorcycles in Malaysia.

A total of 11,836 Yamaha motorcycles of all models converged upon the MAEPS facility.

Among the many prizes up for grabs at the event were MotoGP tickets as well as motorcycles, with the grand prize being a Yamaha MT-09.

(File pix) Rims on the Y15ZR. Pix by NSTP/Eizairi Shamsudin