Minister of Transport, Anthony Loke (two, left) with Chief Executive Officer of Digi, Albern Murty (left) and Director General of MIROS (two, right) explained by Digi-X Product Lead, Eric Gan about the iFleet devices. NSTP/SUPIAN AHMAD

KUALA LUMPUR: The Road Transport Department’s Demerit Points System (Kejara) may be boosted with the use of telematics technology in the future to improve road safety.

Speaking to New Straits Times after launching Digi’s Road Safety Programme 2019 today, Transport Minister Anthony Loke said telematics was definitely one of the technologies that would be considered as the RTD workerd to reduce the accident rates.

A total of 23 scheduled offences are included in Kejara.

Under the system, road offenders are slapped with demerit points with every offence committed, and they ultimately face having their licences suspended or revoked. Offences include speeding, failure to obey traffic lights, reckless driving and overtaking on double lines.

Loke did not elaborate on how telematics could be used with Kejara, but variables such as vehicle speed, location, acceleration, braking and cornering can be collected by GPS and other sensors and relayed to the Internet or a monitoring centre.

Vehicle telematics is the technology of sending, receiving and storing information on vehicles and drivers using devices connected to the Internet.

“Even though current road safety statistics have improved, there is still more we can do to curb fatalities and serious injuries.

“Technology can be effective for better enforcement, implementation of interventions and safety compliance on roads, and telematics can help improve road safety and build trust in road users, in this case, commercial vehicle drivers,” said Loke.

Digi’s Road Safety Programme 2019 consists of three initiatives to help small and medium enterprises (SME) improve road safety with their commercial drivers.

The programme consists of a RM10 million iFleet Transformation Fund, under which 1,000 SMEs will recieve up to RM10,000 each in discounts for technology to transform their fleets with GPS tracking, Wi-Fi and video capabilities.

The second component of the programme is a training component where drivers learn techniques to prevent road crashes.

All participating SMEs will receive a 15 per cent discount on the training workshops, which are 100 per cent claimable from the Human Resources Development Fund.

Participating drivers are ranked with iFleet driving scores. The 10 safest drivers from each SME will receive prizes from Digi for excellent driving behaviour.