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Volvo Trucks Malaysia managing director Mitch Peden. - NSTP/OWEE AH CHUN.

VOLVO Trucks Malaysia is positive 2018 will be a record-breaking year in terms of sales.

“I am confident that we will have our best yearly sale on record and I am positive about Malaysia going forward.

“The momentum is very good, the brand is strong and we have strong business partners that created a solid foundation for this business. We are inspired to give them very good outcomes with their up-time,” said managing director Mitch Peden.

He said the company would continue to improve its products and services for the customers.

“At the end of the day it is about quality products, quality trucks and meeting the needs of Volvo’s forward thinking customers who are looking for that complete ownership experience,” said Peden.

He added that it was important to understand the customers and their business partners.

“It’s about understanding where they are headed, and the role that we plan for their businesses to drive forward.”

Peden said there were no expansion plans for next year, but the company would be increasing its fleet of Action Service vans.

“Currently, we have 19 Action Service vans around Peninsular Malaysia. We have a target of two hours to reach a location from the moment we receive the call at the call centre.

“At the end of the day, we want to give our customers the experience that Volvo Trucks is able to provide them with high quality trucks to maximise their up-time.

“We do on site support for a number of our key business partners. We are currently working very hard with our customers in service planning and preventative maintenance and to make sure that any parts that are getting to the end of their life cycle are correctly changed out to drive that result.”

Peden mentioned that there was a driver shortage around the world.

“Not only in Malaysia, but in many countries, young people are not looking at truck driving as a career option. We need people choosing logistics and truck driving, and to be part of the industry.

“I would like to think that Volvo can play a leading role in helping to put something in place to attract more people into the industry, to want to drive trucks, because it is an important piece for the industry.

“This is a place to have a very safe and productive career with good salary. The more skills one get in training and by doing it, the more in demand they are with employers.”

He said that all truck manufacturers had come a long way.

“Compared to the last five to 10 years, I would say that the new generation of trucks are fabulous. They have car-like quality, car-like driving and spacious.”

Peden said Volvo Trucks would continue to grow its presence globally.

“Volvo Trucks has and will always be a major competitor in the market. We are bullish about continuing our growth into the future,” said Peden.

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