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The retro styled Z900RS is priced from RM67,900.

LAST week, Kawasaki’s much anticipated model, the Z900RS, was unveiled to the Malaysian public.

The retro styled motorcycle is priced from RM67,900 for the base model, while the special edition version is available at RM69,900.

The Z900RS is powered by the same 948cc DOHC inline-four as the popular Z900 naked bike, but is tuned to give more low-end grunt and produce 111hp and 72.5Nm of torque.

The media was invited for a quick ride of the new model in Putrajaya earlier this week.

The hour-long excursion was meant to give a brief introduction to the new model and its capabilities.

Starting from the Putrajaya Lake Club, the riders left in groups of four.

The ride took them to the Prime Minister’s Department building and Palace of Justice, as well as a short stint on the highway nearby, where the Z900RS was given an opportunity to “stretch its legs”.


From the moment you get onboard, the ergonomics on the Z900RS feel spot on.

The sitting position is neutral, with your arms comfortably stretched out to the bars. The handlebar position is particularly comfortable, and this bike feels comfy enough for long rides.

The bike feels light and agile on the move. Acceleration is linear and progressive, with sonically pleasing accompaniment from the exhaust.

There is a bit of a gap in the early turn of the throttle, before the throttle comes on. On the highway, you need to wring the throttle a bit to get the RS moving. It does feel differently set up compared to the Z900.

Handling is sharp and precise for a bike of this genre. The brakes in particular have good bite. Our initial impression of the suspension though is that it’s a bit on the firm side if you like comfort. But that firm suspension is probably what gives the RS its good road handling characteristics.

Look out for our full review of the Z900RS coming out in the coming issues of Cars, Bikes and Trucks.

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