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Proton Holdings Bhd announces the refinement of Proton Iriz.

KUALA LUMPUR: On the same day that China’s carmaker Zheijiang Geely Automotive Co Ltd bought the 49.9 per cent share in Proton Holdings Bhd, the “Iriz Refinement” project was also unveiled.

Proton is still working very hard and putting a lot of effort to make its cars better. The company has incorporated most of the good features found in the latest Persona - lower Noise, Vibration and Harshness (NVH), 3-point engine mount, “eco indicator” dashboard meter, keyless entry with push start button (only for the premium variant), and a Smart e-link infotainment system into the refined Iriz.

On top of the changes mentioned above, the refined Iriz gets new three-dimensional Proton badging front and rear, two-tone colour body finishing, side skirting, black grille, rear spoiler, a re-tuned or re-mapped Engine Control Unit (ECU) and Transmission Control Unit (TCU) for a more responsive acceleration, as well as the new semi-leather and fabric finishing on its interior.

No prices have been announced, but we were told the price would remain close to the previous selling price.

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