Rubbish splattered on the ground floor of Block J of the Padang Tembak People’s Housing Project in George Town.

BLOCK J of the Padang Tembak People’s Housing Project (PPR) in George Town has been turned into a dumpsite.

It is believed that some residents of the block are indiscriminately dumping rubbish in the area.

A trader at the block, who spoke on condition of anonymity, said residents would throw rubbish from their units onto the motorcycle parking area.

He said sometimes food items were thrown down.

“A foul smell will envelope the area after a while. Imagine having curry splashed all over the area.

“The residents are not bothered. They will still do it because they
know they will never get caught,” he said.

Checks by the New Straits Times Press found that newspapers, fruits and food leftovers were splattered on the ground floor.

The trader said local council workers would clean the area periodically, but the rubbish would return again.

“We cannot be depending on the council to clean the area all the time. The culprits must be penalised for their actions.”


A spokesman for the State Housing Department said an investigation was underway to identify the culprits.

“It is difficult due to the lack of information.

“However, we will issue compounds if residents are caught throwing rubbish from their

“We hope those who have information on the perpetrators can assist us,” he said.

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